How to Double Your Rewards in Kim's Game

You might be playing Kim Kardashian's iPhone game and not even taking advantage of the best way to get free money and more energy. If you're already into clicking the random fire hydrants, pigeons, and restaurant signs then you know they yield riches in the form of money, people points, and those glorious and elusive lighting bolts of energy. But if you're not clicking on each of those individual rewards after they pop out, you're not getting all the benefits. Last week, my cousin asked me, "Do you have to click the money that you get?" You don't have to, but you definitely want to.

You'll still get the points that you collected via tapping on objects or completing an assignment if you don't click them, but if you do tap each dollar bill and people point you'll get double the amount of that reward. Just an extra tap can earn you two dollars instead of one and help you level up twice as fast.

Unfortunately, that double tap trick doesn't work for lightning bolts because that would be too kind of Kim Kardashian. But racking up money lets you buy houses and new clothes, which can get you fans. Getting people points can help level you up which restores your energy and gives you those silvery K stars.

But if all that isn't enough to convince you to spend your time clicking dollar bills that fall out of seagulls, this will: every time you give that extra click, the game takes five seconds off the amount of time needed to get a lightning bolt. It usually takes five real-time minutes to grant you an energy point, but now when you click those dollars and people points it shaves that five minutes down by five seconds for every time you tap.

So you definitely want to click on each of those rewards when they pop out of the nearest tree or skateboard. They may not be lightning bolts, but they have their own benefits. Besides, if you're going through the trouble of collecting them in the first place, you might as well get double the rewards.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood; dropdead2gorgeous/rebloggy; giphy