Pharrell Releases Video For "Come Get it Bae"

Remember when Miley Cyrus was totally bored and took her purposeless angst out on Instagram? Well, it turns out she might have actually been a bit more productive than she let on around the time she posted 42 photos in one day. Maybe, she was pulling everyone's leg a little with the whole "I have absolutely nothing to do even though I'm a huge pop star" schtick. I have a feeling she was really immersed in normal pop star obligations, like oh, I don't know, filming this video for "Come Get it Bae," the single she's featured on with Pharrell off his most recent album G I R L .

Pharrell released the video today and it stands out for a few good reasons. First of all, it opens with the words, "beauty has no expiration date," which is a great message that reinforces the album's women's appreciation theme. There is plenty of twerking, however nary a twerk is to be seen from Miley, which is strange considering it's one of her trademarks and usually happens before, during or after she sticks out her tongue.

Another thing I noticed about the video is its inclusion of what appear to be everyday women from all racial backgrounds. There's no naked, leggy models, or way-too-close shots of video vixens' butts—only fully-clothed women dancing. Unlike Miley, most of them are happily twerking away while Pharrell plays videographer, but there's something about the way the ladies are represented that makes this video feel a lot less harmful than the controversial "Blurred Lines" video.

Regardless of whether he agreed with the backlash surrounding his G I R L album cover and what it may have implied about his personal beauty standards, it's clear that he received the message loud and clear from anyone who felt like he intentionally represented one race more than another. Will this make up for any hard feelings? That's yet to be determined, but in the meantime, I can definitely appreciate Pharrell giving a platform to all different types of women before anything else.

Check out the "Come Get it Bae" video below: