When Can You Line Up To See This Movie

The only natural reaction to this Thursday, in which we've all seen the new 50 Shades of Grey trailer at least 12 times before noon, is to wonder how we can secure our movie tickets. It's totally normal to want to purchase tickets for a film that won't be released until February 14, 2015. Right? Okay, maybe not, but the 50 Shades trailer is so hypnotizing (thanks, Beyoncé) that I feel like I reserve the right to be a little abnormal. So, can we buy tickets to see 50 Shades of Grey in theaters? Unfortunately, we're going to have to wait a little longer to set our date to be "enlightened" by Mr. Grey.

As of July 24, Fandango isn't offering advanced tickets to see 50 Shades. Sorry, ladies and gents looking for a way to make sure your Valentine's Day will at least be a little sexier than the time you bought roses for yourself. And it's really unfortunate because they'd probably be making a KILLING right now following that just-steamy-enough trailer. Even people who weren't planning on seeing the movie — like myself — want these tickets right now. I mean, my first cohesive thought after seeing Jamie Dornan shirtless was to Google whether or not I could buy my tickets right now.

But fear not, E.L. James fans. You can sign up for a Fandango Fan Alert for 50 Shades to assure that you'll be the first to know when midnight premiere tickets go on sale. And to make your wait until that fateful day finally arrives a little easier, here are a few suggestions for what you can do to get your Mr. Grey fix:

Get A Grey Enterprises Internship

On the 50 Shades official website, you can sign up to play the Grey Enterprises Internship Program game. The game, which also has an app for your mobile device (watch out, Kim Kardashian) promises access to additional, official 50 Shades content while you "complete assignments for Grey Enterprises Holdings" and "climb the intern ladder." Are you climbing towards a relationship with Christian Grey? Because if so, I'm in.

Watch The Trailer Over & Over

Why not? Right? Laters, baby.

Images: Youtube; truetotheend, breakawaydaily/Tumblr