What We Know About Who's In Ali's Grave

by Kaitlin Reilly

Secrets get buried in Rosewood, both figuratively and literally, but there's one buried secret that the liars are hellbent on uncovering. The 100th episode of Pretty Little Liars finally revealed the true identity of the girl in Ali's grave, but because this is Pretty Little Liars, the big answer also brought up many more questions. Why was the girl in Ali's grave? Who killed her in the first place? And what does A have to do with all of it? Luckily, the show's core four are more determined than ever to get to the bottom of this case — and answers may come sooner than they think.

In last Tuesday's episode "The Silence of E. Lamb," we learned just a little bit more about who the girl in Alison's grave really was, through the only way anyone seems to get real answers on this show — by going straight to Radley. Radley's held a plethora of secrets over the course of the series — after all, Toby's mother, Spencer, and the original A, Mona, were locked up there — and it just so happened to be the former home of the body formerly known as Alison's. Here's what we already know about the girl in Ali's grave — and what we still have to find out.

Her Name is Bethany Young

And, most importantly, not Alison DiLaurentis.

She Was A Patient At Radley

Let's just say that Radley isn't exactly Promises, Malibu. For one thing, patients are basically able to come and go as they please. (Not technically, of course, but considering that all Mona needed to do was slip on a nurse outfit to escape, I'd say it's pretty much a free for all.) Secondly, they have a really bad track record when it comes to patients — not only did Bethany escape from Radley and get murdered, but Toby's mother also fell to her death while under their care. I can't even imagine the Yelp reviews this place gets.

She Liked To, Uh, "Draw"

Sure, sometimes Bethany drew horses and fruit, but in the weeks prior to her death, her material got particularly dark. (Mrs. DiLaurentis and her signature cardigan are chilling with a demon in the one above.)

She Knows Mrs. DiLaurentis

There are many theories floating around about how Bethany knew Mrs. DiLaurentis (could Bethany have been Mrs. DiLaurentis' secret daughter?) but the fact remains that Mrs. DiLaurentis personally knew the girl who ended up in Ali's grave — and their relationship appeared far from friendly.

Bethany Knew Toby's Mother

The liars went back to Bethany's drawing board to see if there was a connection between Bethany and Ali, but ended up finding one between Bethany and Toby's mother, a patient at Radley who "fell" off the roof. (Umm, sure.) Bethany's drawing shows what appears to be Toby's mother plummeting to the ground from the rooftop of Radley. Does that mean that Bethany watched her fall, or, worse, that Bethany pushed her? I'm getting chills just thinking about it.

We're slowly learning more about who Bethany was, but like with anything on Pretty Little Liars, the true answers will take some time. Until then, I'll be channeling my inner Spencer and looking for all of the clues I can.

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