The Butt-Chin Is Strong In Batfleck

Mark your calendars if you haven't already: May 6, 2018. The butt-chin is coming. Yes, that butt-chin belongs to Ben Affleck's Batman. And yes, at this point I would gird myself for how many times I'm going to fit the word "butt-chin" into this article. I'm sorry.

Comic-Con is in full bloom right now, so it's no surprise we're getting smatterings of little tidbits from things marketed towards the geeky convention audience. According to Empire, this particular snapshot was released at the DC booth and then tweeted out by Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice director Zack Snyder. This comes following the reveal of Batman's bathat, batcoat, and lack of batsuit earlier Thursday.

This new image is a relatively small picture, and is pretty much entirely dominated by back-lighting, that aforementioned bathat, and a scowl. Oh, and the butt-chin. It's mostly the butt-chin.

It's not like Affleck is alone in the cleaved nature of his chin, of course: Superman portrayer Henry Cavill is in possession of quite the powerful butt-chin himself. Maybe it's just the mark of the superhero these days? The DC uniform? "Must have chin like a butt?"

(Is is just me, or does it look like there's a vagina under his butt-chin?)

Fun fact: Snyder tweeted the pic less than a day after tweeting yet another butt-chin-tastic image, that time for Star Wars.