21 Lessons We Learned From 'The Breakfast Club'

by Lisa Newlin

I’m a huge fan of the '80s. I mean, among so many of the important lessons the decade imparted, the '80s taught us that hair bands are the true experts when it comes to love ballads and that oversize pants can be stylish. And who could forget the movies? Romantic comedies like When Harry Met Sally taught us that you can fall in love with your best friend, and John Cusack showed us how to get a girl with only a boom box. "Highway to the Danger Zone" made us want to fly fighter jets, and "Eye of the Tiger" made us want to punch everything in sight. The marriage of music with awesome story lines is what made '80s cinema the best. And the best '80s movie of all? The Breakfast Club, obviously.

The Breakfast Club has long been one of my favorite movies. I knew it had shaped me, but until I recently threw my hair in a scrunchie, put down my Rubik's Cube, and rewatched this classic '80s movie, I had no idea how many important lessons it had imparted. Although there are many important life lessons that can be gleaned from this gem of a film, I've narrowed it down to just 21. Here's what The Breakfast Club taught me.

Pixy Stix make a great condiment for sandwiches

I always thought Pixy Stix were just paper wrappers filled with colored sugar, sold for the sole purpose of hyping up kids to annoy parents. Who knew they were also great for sprinkling on sandwiches with a side of Cap’n Crunch?

but Pimento falls off of statues

This is important information for so many reasons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wondered if the components of my sandwich would stick to the side of George Washington’s plaster face.

Dandruff can be incorporated into art

Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to depict a log cabin on a snowy evening, lay off the dandruff shampoo for a few days and use your dry scalp to make the artistic piece complete. It really gives a new meaning to “putting a piece of yourself into your work.”

Flare guns and lockers do not mix

The combination of these two will get you detention every time, (especially if you bring one to school in order to kill yourself and leave it in your locker).

Claire may be a family name, but it’s also a fat girl’s name

It’s also the name of a great place to get inexpensive earrings and jelly bracelets, which are totally making a comeback. The '80s really do live on.

you should Show Dick some respect

Seriously. You should.

Anyone can be pretty (when enough makeup is applied!)

Not problematic at all.

No one believes you have a girlfriend in Canada

With the Internet, simple research can be done to verify paramours. Plus, no one believes that teenage Anthony Michael Hall had a girlfriend.

If everyone gets up, it WILL be anarchy

If only Andrew gets up, it will lead to the violation of the fire code.

Only one type of kid from each stereotype gets Saturday detention

Apparently, those five kids will all get in trouble without their friends.

Stabbing a knife into a chair is an excellent way to handle anger.

Granted, stabbing a chair that's school property may result in more detention, but it’s worth it.

and Lighting a match with your teeth is great for dental hygiene

Bender used the match to get into those hard-to-reach places. He is the epitome of dental hygiene.

Being chased by a teacher is an excellent way to get exercise

Kids doesn’t need gym class. They get a workout evading Mr. Vernon.

and Giving someone your diamond earring is a great way to ask them out

If the world had more friends like Claire we would all be covered in bling.

Screws can fall out at any time.

Especially when those screws are in a door at a high school. All. The. Time.

All depressed people dress in all black

It’s how you can identify them in public.

“Don’t mess with the bull. You’ll get the horns.”

Best. Movie. Quote. Ever.

Fire codes are nothing to take lightly

Blocking a doorway with a magazine rack is dangerous.

dancing on tables is always a good idea

no, really, always a good idea

It will be iconic.

and most of all, “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” is always the right song

I dare you not to turn into a freeze frame.

Images: A&M Films, Adg's Screen Caps/Flickr, Photo Pin (3), Giphy (17)