Kim Kardashian Says Her iPhone Game is Not Inappropriate, Here are 6 Things That Prove Her Wrong

The Kim Kardashian iPhone game was in hot water on Wednesday and this time it had nothing to do with the game failing to load. No, instead the app was charged with being inappropriate in more ways than one. Buzzfeed published an article saying Kim Kardashian: Hollywood characters were using racial slurs and unsuitable language. Users on Twitter posted a variety of screenshots showing in-game avatars using greetings like, "what's up my n****" and "suck my ass." But then Kim Kardashian herself decided to clear up the confusion. It turns out those screenshots were taken from a hacked version of the game, which allowed users to type whatever greetings they wanted and of course several decided to go with crude greetings. Kim Kardashian says, "To clarify: Nothing inappropriate is included in any part of my game!"

Okay, while I am glad that the real app doesn't use racial slurs, I'm not so sure that there's really "nothing inappropriate" in Kim Kardashian's game. In fact I can count at least six things that are a little questionable in the level of appropriateness. So nice try, Kim. But I'm not buying what you're selling when things like this keep happening:


Asking someone to take off their clothes is pretty inappropriate when you consider there are probably some pretty young girls playing this game. Heck, I'm 22 and it still felt totally out of line when the photographer assumed I'd be down with disrobing.


One Twitter user commented that the constant rude comments her dates made about her outfits was akin to an emotionally abusive relationship. You may scoff at this idea, but you can't talk until you've changed your outfit six times in hopes of finally hearing that your partner likes it only to be met with another condescending comment. It actually gets pretty depressing after awhile, to be honest. Like why do I want to spend my hard earned money on you when you start the night off so rude?


At one point your character has to take acting lessons from a guy named Brandon Marlo. It all seems normal enough until my manager Simon told me to go meet this guy at his hotel room and warned me that he can be a little off. This is it, I thought. This is where it all ends. Kim is going to teach me a lesson about fame that I'm not sure I want to learn.

While I wasn't raped or murdered (that would be a little dark), Brandon Marlo was one of the creepiest guys in the game. I mean, he smelled me while I was standing in his hotel room. Yuck. After I played that part of the game I felt like I needed a shower in real life.


I feel like in a professional, working relationship you shouldn't know that your manager has indigestion of that his daughter is DTF. I mean, I know in real life the Kardashians are pretty open with each other, but they probably aren't like that with the people they work for and with. I love Simon, but the things that come out of his mouth are defintly what I would call inappropriate.


Look, Kim may be able to afford nice, expensive clothing but that's probably because she makes a lot more money on photo shoots and movie sets than I do. If I'm a magazine cover girl why am I forced to basically dress in rags? This game either needs to hand out more K stars and cash or drop their clothing prices because this is ridic.


Girls in Kim's game can only have big boobs, long legs, and chiseled abs. Considering that she used to be an advoate for embracing your body type, I think that's a pretty inappropraite way to distribute that message.

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (3); miniburritos, zanemaliks, frenetiq/tumblr; Kristie Rohwedder (2)