This Trailer for Kevin Smith's 'Tusk' Is Insane

You might not have thought you’d ever see Justin Long in a movie with The Sixth Sense’s Haley Joel Osment (or as an eerie Pornstache Mendez doppelganger, at that) but you also probably didn’t think you’d ever see him in a horror movie about a man who gets turned into a walrus either. Luckily for all you thrill seekers and Kevin Smith fans, though, you will get just that and more from Smith’s upcoming work. The first trailer for Smith's newest film Tusk premiered at Comic-Con in San Diego, and it will definitely remind you of all your childhood nightmares — while simultaneously reminding you of a cross between a comedic version of The Human Centipede and Frankenstein. Seriously, it's insane.

The film focuses on a podcaster, Wallace Bryton (Long), who says he interviews “weird or interesting people,” and follows him as he meets with a scary old man, Howard Howe (Michael Parks) in Canada. Of course, because old people like to save energy (or because all scary movies use the dark to their advantage), the spooky part of the trailer begins with Long’s character and Howe in an old, poorly lit house, where Howe offers his guest (victim) tea. Note to self: don’t take tea from strangers.

From there, we learn that a walrus apparently saved Howe’s life and that he has the most bizarre walrus obsession, leading him to hold his victim captive and sew him into a walrus. Literally, that's the movie! Hopefully, it will end with Genesis Rodriguez and Osment’s character saving Long, because fatty, tusked marine mammal doesn’t seem like a good look for him — but I guess we'll all have to see the movie to find out. Check the trailer below.

Image: Demarest Films/IMDb