Lily Allen's Instagram Prank Photo Prompts an Investigation — Will She Learn From This?

Sheezus, can someone please tell me if there will soon come a day in which Lily Allen stops contributing to the list of things one should never do in life... ever? If the staged photo Lily Allen shared on Instagram of Australian police officers handcuffing her is any indication of her future relationship to foolery, then I suppose I have my answer. Allen quickly deleted the photo in question, but not before the gravitational force that is Twitter got a hold of it. According to The Daily Mail Online, removing the pic didn't stop the Australian police from launching an investigation.

Instead of posting the typical selfie (complete with appropriate hashtag and envy-inducing backdrop), Allen thought it would be a great idea to have someone snap a photo of her kneeling on the ground, with a police officer pretending to place her in handcuffs. Funny, except in doing so, the police officers violated "strict protocol." Duh! Obviously the officers bear responsibility in this situation, but Allen should've also anticipated the backlash of posing for and sharing this photo.

This certainly isn't the hugest Lily Allen scandal to hit the net, but c'mon—it's about time she starts putting serious thoughts before her actions and words. The fact that she continues cozying up to crazy is baffling, especially after she lied about being on Game of Thrones ..., the time she came for Beyoncé.

Allen also caught flack for an offensive video, to which she responded by stereotyping feminists.

Anyway, Allen's in Australia for another two weeks of performances, so let's just hope she stops the madness and focuses on her music

. It would be nice if whatever behavior she chooses to partake in doesn't jeopardize any more jobs or further diminish her reputation, but at this point that may be too much to ask.

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