'Game Of Thrones' Is Coming To 'Sesame Street'

by Alanna Bennett

Parodies, like cats and amateur pornography, are one of the monarchs of the Internet age. They've existed since long before the dawn of the web age, of course, but the prevalence of the latter has allowed them to prosper, to grow, to take over. Just take Sesame Street's upcoming Game Of Thrones and Avengers parodies. Oh, and Star Wars, too.

The parodies of these two popular works were announced — or, rather, teased — at San Diego Comic-Con Sunday. Moderator Chris Hardwick, who seems to be everywhere, needled the reveal out of Sesame Street's Joey Mazzarino.

There's nothing surprising about Sesame Street taking on buzzy fare like Game Of Thrones or Avengers: Age Of Ultron, of course — though few kids in the audience will know who Jon Snow is, their channel-deciding parents and babysitters likely will, and they've proven with their Mad Men and True Blood parodies how adept they are at translating very adult fare into kid-friendly homage. When it comes to Age Of Ultron, too, many kids will undoubtedly already know who Iron Man is.

So how do you think Sesame Street will translate Game Of Thrones? Will a Lannister be played by Oscar the Grouch?