Cody & Derrick Are "The Hitmen," Apparently

We all know that the houseguests on Big Brother change alliances like they change their underwear. That means a lot, in case you didn't get that simile. The alliance in control for much of this season, "The Bomb Squad," started early on in the game with eight members, but once Devin was evicted from the house, "The Detonators," which included Zach, Frankie, Cody, Derrick, and Christine, quickly blew that alliance up. Now, it looks like Cody and Derrick are "The Hitmen," leaving yet another alliance behind.

Derrick is one smart player, and he knew what everyone at home knew, which is that an eight-person alliance is just way too big. Now that the house is getting smaller, he took the opportunity during Sunday night's episode to make an even smaller alliance with Cody, sealing the deal to take one another to the final two.

Of course, an alliance is not official until it has a banging name. CBS dedicated some air time to Cody and Derrick discussing what their special and descriptive name for their alliance should be. Some early suggestions were "Brick City," whatever that means, and "Silent Killers," which is in line with the altogether unoriginal and cliche names the housguests usually choose to label their alliances. It seemed like Cody and Derrick were really leaning toward a name that had to do with being quiet, so it looked like "Silent Killers" was going to win out.

However, Cody and Derrick got a lightning bolt of inspiration and decided to go with "The Hitmen," keeping in line with the rather violent names for the alliances so far this year. Again, it's not the most unique, but their aim is to take everyone out, so it is rather fitting.

I'm a little worried for Derrick about his new alliance with Cody. So far, Derrick seems to be one of the stronger players in both competitions and strategic gameplay. He's smart, stealthy, and no one seems to be able to really totally know where his game is, but not to the point like Zach where they would think he's just plain crazy. Although Cody will be able to assist Derrick in winning competitions because he is such a strong physical threat, he's lacking in the strategy department. Sorry, but I think he's definitely going to regret not making that strong move last week to backdoor Caleb. We'll have to wait and see how successful this interesting combination of brawn and brains will truly be.

Image: Monty Brinton/CBS