'Sharknado 2' Star Vivica A. Fox Sells Awesome Wigs To Go With Her Awesome Shark Movie

This woman is no stranger to disaster movies as she starred in the epic and quintessential-American Independence Day. Now, Vivica A. Fox is in the cast of Sharknado 2: The Second One , SyFy's outrageous Sharknado sequel, but did you know that she also has a successful hair product company? The Vivica A. Fox Hair Collection was founded in 2009 and sells wigs, extensions, and other hair products. You can’t purchase wigs or extensions directly from the company's site as they only sell whole sale to retailers, but you can buy them online from other sites or find stores that sell her products.

The kick-ass star's company basically makes a range of wigs, including synthetic, human hair, remi (also known as remy, which is known to be high quality because its human hair with the cuticles kept intact), lace, handmade, and half wigs in more than 50 colors. The best-selling synthetic wig is the Oprah-2 (obviously, because Oprah rocks) and Fox is featured modeling some of the styles.

And if you want to get a little closer to Ms. Fox (and I mean, look at her, who wouldn't?) you can become a brand ambassador — called a “glam ambassador” (it is Vivica A. Fox after all) — where you help promote the company and then receive free products.

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Fox is far from the only celebrity to become an entrepreneur. Jessica Alba has The Honest Company, Sandra Bullock owns two restaurants, and Kevin Costner owns the Midnight Star casino. With other celebrities’ endeavors in mind, Fox selling hair products isn't at all bizarre.

As for Fox's acting career, besides Independence Day and Sharknado 2: The Second One, Fox has been in Kill Bill Volume 1, Kill Bill Volume 2, Ella Enchanted , and Set it Off. In all but one of these she proved that she can be a real badass, so taking on sharks should be no big thing for her.

This isn't her first time on TV either. She has been on Curb Your Enthusiasm, as well as the family-friendly TV movies Farewell Mr. Kringle, Annie Claus is Coming to Town, and Looking for Mr. Right. She'll also be on the next installment of Celebrity Apprentice which is sure to be drama-filled as Fox and Kenya Moore (of Real Housewives of Atlanta ) had some disagreements during filming that Fox is still not okay with. Fox herself is pumped for the edgier Sharknado 2 (and it premieres on her birthday). She'll be playing Skye — a former love interest of Fin (Ian Ziering's character).

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And as we've seen, Fox isn't shy to defend herself in real life, so how do you think she's going to handle sharks messing with her fictional personal life?

Her being an ex of Fin's should also make for some interesting tension between her character and Tara Reid's character. Tara Reid played April, Fin's ex-wife in the first Sharknado, but by the end of the movie it seemed they'd no longer be exes. So if Fin and April are back together for Sharknado 2, I hope there's no face off between Fox and Reid. Because if I was forced to choose who would win in a fight — I'd have to go with Fox.

But I'm thinking the need to kill sharks will take precedence over any love quarrels. So no hair pulling, ladies.

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