Nick Viall's Plane Video Taken Post-'Bachelorette' Has Us Asking Questions — Duh, Spoilers

Oh man. When I thought the backlash of this season's The Bachelorette couldn't get tougher for him, Nick has to get chatty on an airplane! In public! Haven't you ever learned to just turn off your hand-held devices ASAP and read a book? For the record, I think Nick Viall has been given a really bad editing job during this season of The Bachelorette, but unless ABC is behind this video unveiled months ago by Reality Steve, then Nick has some explaining to do.

During Men Tell All, we didn't get to see Andi's final two men get grilled by Chris Harrison, but judging by the now infamous airplane video — could-be spoilers ahead — there really is no need to be grilled by Chris, because we already know which man wins Andi's heart at the end. In two leaked videos to Reality Steve, a.k.a. your go-to source for all Bachelorette spoilers, Nick was caught on video on a plane just days after being dumped by Andi Dorfman complaining about his competitor, Josh Murray, and talking about his experience in general. Since we're almost at the end of the road, let's go ahead and deconstruct the videos:

1. He's not Josh Murray's biggest fan

By the looks of the first video, Nick doesn't think too highly of his final two competitor, Josh Murray. Nick thinks Josh will do whatever Andi wants, he has a bad temper, and didn't really open up during the season. In addition to those comments, Nick continues to say that Josh is super emotional, insecure, and set in his ways. Yikes.

2. They were going to go to Kmart together and chill

Stars: they're just like us. Yes, I know that they are technically normal people that just happened to go on TV to find love in front of America, but I feel like that just solidifies my point. Nick tells whoever he is talking to that he was looking forward to doing the normal things couples do together in their day-to-day lives, like Kmart excursions. I think this proves that if Nick's motives were ever questioned, it's time to throw those questions out the window. If he weren't there for the "right reasons," he'd never picture them getting to the Kmart level of the relationship.

3. He didn't try to change her mind

And I am grateful for that. It's going to be tough to watch Nick get dumped by Andi on Monday night's finale (if Reality Steve is right and this isn't an elaborate trolling bit on ABC's part), but it would have been even more difficult to see Andi dump him and then painfully watch Nick try to change her mind. I shudder at the thought of that happening.

4. But wait, is he hoping for a change of heart?

Whoever Nick is talking to needs to read up on their Bachelorette/Bachelor history. Nick responds to a question posed by the other person on the line with, "It's actually happened once before. ... The guy changed his mind." Obviously Nick is referring to the Jason Mesnick/Melissa Rycroft/Molly Malaney debacle of 2009, when then Bachelor Jason Mesnick changed his mind on After the Final Rose , and broke up with Melissa LIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION to tell Molly he loved her. The memories of that moment make me queasy. Here's to hoping Nick isn't waiting for Andi to have a change of heart.

5. He loved her family

This is kind of sad. Assuming there is legitimacy behind this video, Nick would have been freshly broken up with, so to hear him say he loved her family breaks my heart. He mentions the great relationship Andi has with both of her parents, just to reiterate that he loved them. At least he is keeping it classy regarding her family.

6. According to Andi, it was easy with Nick

When Nick met some of her friends, they asked Andi what it was about him, to which, according to him, she responded it was just easy with him (Nick). But since Nick is supposedly the one dumped at the end of the season, Andi obviously decided it wasn't so easy, and in fact she decided that it would be too hard for them. Nick seems to think that she changed her mind at the last moment.

And if you're really into potential spoilers and believing all the gossip...

Watch Nick trash talking Josh here:

RealitySteve24 on YouTube

And watch Nick talking about his time on The Bachelorette here:

RealitySteve24 on YouTube

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