He Might Want to Crop Her Outta There

He may have gotten the first impression rose, but Nick Viall didn't get the last word on Andi's season of The Bachelorette. It was Josh Murray who put his Neil Lane ring on it, and the remaining former BF was left feeling bitter enough to loudly spill his would-be confidential feelings to someone on the phone while on his rejection plane home. Smooth move, Nick. All of this happened a few months ago, though, so has Andi's first "loser" moved on and started to mend his heart? Well, it doesn't seem like it.

There are rumors that third runner up, Chris, will be the next Bachelor, so Nick wouldn't be staying single for his own cast of women to pick from. Plenty of rumor reports have leaked about winner Josh cheating on Andi with his old girlfriend, but it has been radio silence on the Nick front. Rumors surrounding the winner's infidelity are nothing new, but it's rare that any activity on the rejected contestant's front would go unreported. Either Nick is still single, or he and ABC are doing an amazing job of keeping his post-Andi romantic endeavors under the radar.

Scans of Nick's social media show a very active, upbeat version of this season's "villain," but no indication that he's found a rebound from his national rejection by The Bachelorette. The only women we've seen on his Instagram account lately are his sister, his mother, and his married female best friend who he claimed submitted him to be a Bachelorette contestant in a #TBT post.

If someone was able to recognize him back in May, when he was on his way home from the final rose ceremony before the season started to air, people would have recognized him since then. He doesn't seem to take the most care with his confidentiality agreement as evidenced by the loud, conversation he had on the plane. So, we would probably have at least a nugget of gossip by now if there was anything out there. It has been long enough to catch him in the act if he had been traipsing around Milwaukee with a new girl.

We didn't get any input from him at Men Tell All because he was sequestered by ABC, as the final two always are. And there were no opportunities for random audience members to declare their desire to date him there, either. His absence meant we didn't get more intel into his drama with the guys in the house, and we also didn't get to hear his postmortem feelings on Andi and how he's moved on. After all, that's what After The Final Rose is for.

In an internet world where people are looking to be the next viral sensation or to be the next source of big drama, if Nick has been out and about with a new girlfriend or something that looked like it we would know by now via grainy phone pictures on some form of social media. The reality blogs are quiet, and so must be Nick's love life at the moment.

Of course, all these factors could be the wizardry of ABC and the show's influential producers. We'll have to wait until he's in the hot seat with Chris Harrison's truth talk to get the real story.

Images: ABC; Nick Viall/instagram