J. Crew Sells #Shorts Now

Ladies and gentlemen, Internet culture has officially seeped into the impenetrable world of prepster fashion. What do I mean? Only that J. Crew is now selling shorts emblazoned with a tiny hashtag pattern, or "#shorts," as Hayley Hoover of The Gloss has dubbed them. They are glorious.

I generally roll my eyes when brands get overexcited about using the hashtag to appeal to us enigmatic Millennials. Even J. Crew's hashtag swimwear from earlier this season didn't exactly win my heart. But I have to admit — there's something charming about these shorts. They're kind of cool in a "omigod look how quirky I am" sort of way. I'm basically just waiting for the moment Joseph Gordon Levitt wears them in his up-coming romantic comedy Manic Pixie Dream, in which he has to choose between three women played by Zooey Deschanel, Natalie Portman, and Kirsten Dunst (screenwriters, feel free to steal that idea).

As a woman who breathes quirk instead of oxygen, I'm into these. There's one problem, however: They appear to only be available in men's sizes, because #patriarchy. That's Jenna Lyon's loss because I would wear the hell out of little tailored, hashtagged shorts. The pattern is especially effective because of how tiny it is. From afar, the #s just look like little squares but then you get closer and BAM! You're struck by the hipster-ness of it all.

Image: J.Crew