'Big Brother's Caleb & Robin Thicke Have a Lot More in Common Than He Realizes

Caleb Reynolds from Big Brother might as well make his middle name Stalker or change his title to Beastmode Misogynist, because he's notorious among the fans for his obsessive crush on Amber that has snowballed to such a problem that it could contribute to her going home this week. I knew that Caleb's misogyny would ruin Amber's game eventually, but I didn't expect it to happen so soon. At the moment, Caleb thinks he's nominating Amber for eviction to teach her a lesson about not appreciating his obsessive actions while the rest of the house is just making sure to keep him turned against her so he won't object to them booting her out. Now we're getting a deeper look into Caleb's psyche that might reveal how this self-proclaimed cowboy can really call what he's doing romance. Apparently, Caleb wants to be the next John Legend or Robin Thicke.

Ignoring the John Legend comment entirely because Legend has a respect for women that Caleb is utterly lacking, it makes perfect sense that Robin Thicke would be Caleb's romantic idol. Thicke has recently come under fire for his own obsessive campaign to win back his estranged ex-wife Paula Patton. Whether Caleb was joking or not, the fact still remains that he and Thicke have a lot of unfortunate things in common.

1. The women wanted nothing to do with them.

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In February 2014, Paula Patton wanted a separation from Robin Thicke and she got it. It was Patton's decision to break her ties with Thicke and it's still not entirely clear what prompted her to make that decision. Regardless, Thicke didn't take it well. Along that same vein, Caleb told Amber very early on that he was into her, but because she didn't return his affections (and because Caleb started by telling her that he knew she was into him), she turned him down.

2. Then they became convinced that they could change their minds.

Thicke and Patton had been high school sweethearts, so he wasn't going to take that separation lying down. He immediately made it clear that he intended to do whatever it took to win Patton's affections back to any publication that would listen. Meanwhile, Caleb not only colored what happened between himself and Amber with his own personal bias, but when he was clearheaded enough to realize she just wasn't that into him he was convinced that she just needed to get to know him better.

3. They both made grand, public gestures of affection.

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Thicke got in the studio and recorded "Get Her Back", which he later announced was the lead single of an album of such songs called Paula. Because nothing says "I want you back and I don't care how you feel about it" like naming your next album after your ex. Meanwhile, Caleb went against Amber's direct wishes and threw the Battle of the Block so that she could be safe for a week, gave her all his blankets in the have-nots room, and ate a pickle for the chance to earn a date with her no matter how many times Amber told him to stop.

4. People responded negatively to their campaigns.

Paula wasn't exactly a bestseller. In fact, Paula only sold 54 copies on the entire continent of Australia, because, thankfully, most of the world just didn't care about Thicke dragging his private life out in the open for all to see. Luckily for Caleb, he's in the Big Brother house and far away from all his critics, which just makes it all the more sad that he's convinced the audience is hating Amber for not appreciating him when we're really hating him for being one of those guys who don't hear the word no.

5. Their affections have negative effects on the women's lives.

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Thicke has finally given up on his campaign to get Paula Patton back and put their home up for sale, but ever since the separation the only things we have heard of with regards to Patton is how Thicke feels about her. I'm sure there are sections of Thicke's fan base who are demonizing her for not responding to his unwanted overtures. Meanwhile, Amber is about to get booted from the house and the other guests are manipulating Caleb and his feelings for her to ensure that it happens. Caleb doesn't need to try to be the next Robin Thicke. He pretty much already is.

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