7 Things Maksim Chmerkovskiy Would Rather Talk About Than Jennifer Lopez

Maksim Chmerkovskiy is starting to get really annoyed with all of us for prying into his private life. Somehow, his partner Meryl Davis has managed to stay under the radar and avoid getting nearly as much attention on her personal business as Maks is getting on his. Then again, what was Maks expecting when he went from melting our televisions with his and Meryl's chemistry to spending his time hanging out with Jennifer Lopez? Maks and Lopez have been seen cozying up and hanging out all over the place and with more eyes on J. Lo than ever before thanks to her recently released album A.K.A., it's only natural that those same eyes would be watching Maks as well. However, Maks isn't dating Jennier Lopez or, at least, he's not willing to admit to dating Jennifer Lopez just yet.

"I'm just focused on dancing," said Maks to People magazine when they once again raised the question of whether he and Lopez are in a relationship. "I'm not interested in talking about anything other than the show."

At this point, you can practically feel Maks' exasperation with the question. He's not quite to the point of sticking his fingers in his ears and singing la la la every time someone brings up Lopez's name, but it's clear that his love life is low on the list of things that he wants to discuss ever. What would rank high on the list?

1. Dancing

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Considering this is Maks' entire focus and the thing that launched him to this level of stardom, it would obviously be the top thing that he'd love to discuss with anyone who will listen. In fact, at the time of his comments to People, Maks was backstage at Sway: A Dance Trilogy.

2. His Brother

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Maks and his brother Val Chmerkovskiy are incredibly close. You'd have to be, in order to do a nude photoshoot together. The fact that there are not one, but two Chmerkovskiy brothers for us all to stare at with stars in our eyes and love in our hearts is probably something Maks would love to discuss. He's always been supportive of Val.

3. Meryl Davis

Let's be honest. During Dancing with the Stars and afterward, could we get Maks to shut up about Meryl Davis? He spoke more about Meryl and his relationship with Meryl than Meryl ever did, although that was due to her natural shyness when it comes to discussing her personal life. J. Lo who?

4. Jewelry

Maks frequently uses his Instagram in order to do promotion for Cantamessa Man, a high-end jewelry line that is a collaboration between Maks and Cantamessa USA. He'd probably welcome the opportunity to give more publicity to the jewelry line than to talk about J. Lo any day.

5. His Fans

Do you want to take a selfie with Maksim Chmerkovskiy? Well, it's not that hard to get your wish. Maks seems to really love taking selfies with fans or large groups of fans in a way that makes them really feel appreciated. He even takes the time to apologize when he can't stop for pictures. Talking about what great fans he has could probably get him going all day.

6. This Magazine Cover

The photoshoot that will live in infamy can't possibly have stopped fascinating everyone by now. Maksim and Val Chmerkovskiy doing an almost-nude photoshoot? Yes, please, thanks. At this point, Maks would probably love to start talking about how he managed to cover his junk for the shot rather than any relationship he may or may not be in with J. Lo.

7. Frozen

There isn't a single person on this earth left at this point who doesn't want to discuss Frozen, okay? Even if it's just to talk about how much he hates it, or talk about how he doesn't get the hype, I'm sure Maks has a lot of Frozen-related opinions for the world to think about rather than his relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Quick, someone ask him if he wants to build a snowman and leave J. Lo out of it.

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