A Much-Needed 'Fifty Shades'/'Secretary' Mashup

When the first trailer for the heavily anticipated softcore sex movie Fifty Shades Of Grey dropped a whole lot of people were excited in a whole lot of ways. Of course, a whole lot of other people were also doing the mental math: In how many ways was this flick just promising to be a tamer version of the 2002 film Secretary? This video puts the Secretary and Fifty Shades trailer side by side for some sort of answer.

As The Hollywood Reporter's Seth Abramovitch points out, Secretary and Fifty Shades have some undeniable similarities: They both boast main dudes called Mr. Grey who are really (really, really) into BDSM and who ensnare relatively inexperienced young ladies into their fantasy sex lives. It becomes clear pretty quickly, however, that one trailer is much more willing to put its sexiness out there than the other. One definitely seems less outwardly romantic, and one definitely seems more entwined in BDSM and less entwined in Twilight. You can probably guess which is which without watching, but if either of these films are of interest to you watching is probably worth your while — it's an interesting comparison, for sure.

Image: Universal