Whoa! Nick Really Didn't Need to Go There

by Lia Beck

Well... I didn't see that coming. While much of The Bachelorette's outcome can be found out with leaked information and spoilers aplenty on the Internet, when it comes to the live "After the Final Rose" special, you really can't predict what's going to go down. That's why no one, no one, could have known that Bachlorette contestant Nick would reveal that he had sex with Andi, presumably in the fantasy suite. Andi and Nick were simply sitting there, having a conversation about their failed relationship with Chris Harrison mediating, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, Nick just throws out there that if she didn't love him, then why did she make love to him. Whoa, Nick. Just because your heart is broken, you don't need to go there on live TV.

Andi was appropriately taken aback and said that he hit "below the belt." I'll say. We all know that Nick is upset, and Andi knows it more than anyone, but that doesn't mean that it's OK to lose your composure and blurt out something about a private moment. And just because Andi was obviously upset with Nick for saying that they had sex, it doesn't mean that she isn't comfortable with the decision that she made at that time. If Nick knows Andi the way he says he knows Andi, then he should know that putting that information out there isn't cool. And really? Would it be cool with anyone? I don't think so.

The fantasy suite (again, I'm assuming that's where this happened) is the one time contestants on The Bachelorette have privacy. They go in to that part of the show knowing that it's an opportunity to do whatever they want with each other whether that's having sex or having conversations about how effing ridiculous the show is. With Nick speaking about their time together, he threw that all away and with it, probably much of the respect that Andi clearly still had for him.

Andi is obviously very happy with Josh (which... do you girl, I guess?), so she probably doesn't have much time to think about Nick anymore anyway. Still, they could have ended things with mutual respect for each other but, as I see it, with one sentence, Nick threw that away.

Image: ABC