Where Is Larry's Apartment On 'OITNB'? Where The "Park Slope Narcissist" Was Created, Of Course

Most of Orange is The New Black takes place behind prison gates in world of monotonous fluorescent lights. But the show manages to sneak in plenty of non-prison real estate that will make you jealous, like Piper and Alex's Paris hotel room from Season 1. And OITNB's Larry Bloom, the Larriest Larry who ever did Larry, lives in an amazing Brooklyn apartment that would make even the most devout Pipex shipper consider moving in with him.

Not to sound like a very lame Stefon, but that apartment has everything. Double glass paneled doors, two stories, wood floors, a backyard, and multiple fireplaces. It is literally a laundry list of things you cannot reasonably expect from any New York apartment.

There’s never a good exterior shot of Larry’s place to pull a direct address, but here’s what the show has established: Piper and Larry live in a swagged out Brooklyn townhouse, the perfect place for two white people to sauté kale and feel good about buying it locally. They have exposed pipes and brick in their bathroom — so it's an old building that hasn't been overly renovated, which follows with it being Larry's parents' old place.

Larry stops at a newsstand that is actually located in Astoria Queens (where they were filming Red’s flashbacks), but we can bend the rules and maybe guess it’s supposed to be right around the Grand Army Plaza area, which is a main subway stop just north of Brooklyn's Prospect Park.

Then, in Season 2, the show shot Piper’s grandmother’s funeral at the Grace United Methodist Church (where they actually were robbed of several thousand dollars worth of cables), in an area of Park Slope filled with bougie brownstones.

Larry and Piper fit perfectly in the North Slope, just blocks away from the church, which is a tiny bit edgier than the parents with strollers closer to Prospect Park (as is the local stereotype about Park Slope dwellers), but has no shortage of expensive homes.

Finally, our best clue comes from the shot of Larry welcoming Piper into their once shared place while she stands awkwardly on the stoop. This shot, however brief, shows us the most we've ever seen of the apartment's surroundings.

Finding a perfect match to the background of the shot is a challenge, but it looks a great deal like the Bergen street area of North Slope. The brownstones are brick, with high windows. And with those little lower-level window boxes as a clue, finding the exact location becomes easier. Luckily for our search, the Bloom-Chapman neighbors posted their house on Zillow. Yep, that's it!

That means that Larry's place is right across the street. One GoogleMaps search later, and here it is:

It even has the same blue doors! There's no shortage to the trickery set designers can pull off when transitioning from an exterior location shot to a set, but even if Larry's place is invented on a soundstage and isn't really behind those doors, it still looks like the type of place Larry and Piper would live.

So, for just three and a half million, you could live like freelance writer/trust fund baby Larry! With Orange Is the New Black mania sky high, even emulating the bar-none worst character can make you seem cool. Plus you'll be living in a pretty sweet Brooklyn townhouse.

Images: Linda Kallerus/Netflix; Netflix (3); Google Maps