It Seems DJ Pauly D Is Hitting the Shore Solo

by Paige Tutt

Ever since Jersey Shore ended a couple of years ago, it's seemed like everyone from the reality series settled into their normal lives quite nicely. One cast member you don't hear about too often, however, is Paul DelVecchio, aka DJ Pauly D. While other cast members started families and new reality series, he's fallen a bit off the radar.

Just consider what you've heard about the rest of the Jersey Shore cast. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has a son named Lorenzo who will turn 2 in August and is currently pregnant with her second child, a daughter. She is also currently engaged to Jionni LaValle. On July 13th of this year, Jenni "JWoww" Farley welcomed a baby girl, Meilani Alexandra, with fiancé Roger Matthews.

After looking through about 300 of Vinny's 364 Instagram photos and videos, I couldn't quite find out what was going on with his love life these days. Meanwhile The Situation, who I only just recently realized has a real name (Michael Sorrentino), is cozied up with his college sweetheart, Lauren Pesce.

But Pauly D, the 34-year-old Italian American with a heart as big as his hair, has me befuddled. It seems he still may be on the market, despite being one of the sweetest, most-likable, and most relatable people on the Jersey Shore. He works hard and plays just as hard.

I decided to investigate the matter further to determine if Pauly D really was single or if he was just insanely good at hiding his personal life from the paparazzi.


Pauly's Instagram is surprisingly bare (then again, all I do is Instagram, so maybe I'm not the best judge). The last picture he posted where any girls were even present was from a month ago. Is it possible any of the girls in the photo are maybe a girlfriend or someone he's been seeing? Possibly, but because we can't really tell, I'd say we should keep looking.


I thought to myself "maybe he's following his girlfriend on Twitter?" Alas, he follows over 12,000 people. I even tried to scour through the list to see if any celebrity names stood out to me. It seems we follow a couple of the same people: NeNe Leakes, Zendaya, and up-and-coming R&B/Pop artist Tinashe.

NeNe is happily married to her longtime husband, Gregg. Zendaya's only 17, which makes her an unlikely candidate. But Tinahse, she's a musician. They could be a pretty good match. I didn't see anything that would allude to them having a relationship but a girl can dream, right?

That doesn't even account for the rest of the 12,000 people he's following

So it looks like, for now at least, Pauly D may just be flying solo. But he did have quite the little surprise not long ago. He's a daddy now to a baby girl named Amabella. He's taken full responsibility for this new chapter of his life and embraced fatherhood. Apparently, a DNA test was taken to prove Pauly was the father.

Too cute. And her hair is almost as tall her dad's.

But don't get your hopes up about Pauly dating Amabella's mother.

After a bit of drama transpired between the two, it doesn't seem likely that this fling will evolve into anything but a co-parenting relationship. Regardless, Pauly D is doing great right now. He's got a little one to look after, a music career, and he's got plenty of time left to settle down, if he ever chooses to.

Images: Pauly D, Tinashe, Amanda Markert/Instagram