Check Out Her '80s-Style Perm

Jennifer Lopez, who has been linked to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, doesn't do much to hide the fact that she is a diva. The eternally stylish and mega posh singer/actress/Kohl's designer/mom of twins/American Idol judge is hardly ever seen in anything but heels and without her face on when she is on the promo trail; these are some of her staples, which you can easily copy. She is the consummate glamazon, which is not something she should be (or is) ashamed of.

Lopez is naturally beautiful but she (and her style squad) know how to play up her looks and take them the otherworldly levels of which most of us wouldn't even think. But underneath the couture, the dewy, bronzed skin, the glossed lips, and the fox fur lashes, she is still Jenny From the Block, a fact which shows up in her style when we least expect it.

While Lopez's image is that of a diva who is always on, in the zone, and in camera-ready mode, her Instagram feed tells a different story. J. Lo isn't afraid to share multiple makeup-free selfies or rock jeans and tees. Yes, J. Lo actually wears basics and has a Bronx-born street style that has not been eradicated or removed from her DNA. It's just not what you see very often, so when you do, it's surprising.

Here are 10 times that Jennifer Lopez totally surprised with her style, image, and her look, courtesy of her busy IG feed.

1. That Looks Like A Perm

Lopez shared a selfie just the other day with wild, perm-like frizz. This look worked in the '80s, but in 2014? Only La Lopez could pull this off — with a can of mousse, of course.

2. Look Ma! No Makeup!

Jennifer Lopez bathing in a tub of rose petals? That's not a shocker. At all. She has been rumored to slather her body from head to toe with La Mer cream. But the makeup-free, wet, and slicked back hair look is totally bare, naked, and exposed. That is both surprising and beautiful, but not surprisingly beautiful.

3. Wet Hair, Don't Care

Lopez appears as though she just got out of the pool after a dip with her messy, wet hair. The low-dipping, crimson bathing suit and gold earring remind us that yes, this is J. Lo, and she isn't afraid to get candid.

4. Wait, J. Lo Wears Jeans?!

The queen of couture still wears jeans. Destroyed denim, in fact. The skinny cut balances out all of that volume in her honey-hued hair.

5. You Can Take The Girl Out Of The Bronx, But...

Jeans, again! That famous bootay needs to be accented and highlighted by a pair of tight skinnies, which look amaze with those heeled booties. She wore this ensemble for a video shoot. The leather jacket is also chic, but that Yankees cap? It's proof that you can take the girl out of The Bronx but in the girl The Bronx shall remain. It's refreshing that she's on a subway platform, too. It's not always Cadillac car services.

6. She Also Wears Loose-Fitting Tees

Lopez's ensembles usually look painted on her fine body, since if you got it, you may as well flaunt it. But every once in a while, she will switch it up and rock a loose-fitting tee. Yes, those are jeans, but rather than standard issue blue, she went with white, which is notoriously hard to pull off unless your last name is Lopez and your first is Jennifer.

7. A Graphic Tee, But With Fur, Of Course

Lopez donned another baggy tee, this time a graphic shirt with the word "grateful" spilling down the front. While she wore not a drop of makeup, she dressed it up with fur, because of course she did.

8. Child Of The '80s

Lopez channels another Jennifer — that'd be Beals — with this retro image from a video shoot. She went the Flashdance route, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, '80s perm, and all. I wouldn't be shocked if this is how J. Lo actually looked in the decade of excess.

9. Canadian Tuxedo

Once you get done gawking at her flat tummy, recognize that La Lopez is wearing a Canadian tux, which is denim-on-denim and not something I'd normally expect from her, unless the denim was bedazzled with sequins. She Lopez-ed it by rocking a seriously cropped button-down.

10. Au Naturel

This no makeup selfie fearlessly shows us a very real version of Jennifer Lopez. Even with the ghetto fab hoop earrings, she looks a wee bit tired, like any working mom with multiple jobs and twins. I know, she has a full-time staff of help, but she is still busting that booty to earn her keep!

Images: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram (9)