What Should He Do Post-'DWTS'?

For those of you out there who were just waiting with bated breath to start shipping Maksim Chmerkovskiy and his next dance partner à la Maks and Meryl, I have some startling news: There will be no next dance partner. Maksim Chmerkovskiy's Dancing with the Stars days are over. Chmerkovskiy confirmed the news on The View on Tuesday saying, "I'm done dancing... I feel like it's time." I did not happen to see The View myself, but according to E! Online, the crowd went wild upon hearing the news. "How could he not be returning! How am I going to feed my Maks obsession now?!" audience members no doubt turned to each other and exclaimed. Well, I'll tell you how, Chmerkovskiy fans who probably can't even spell his name! It's because he clearly thinks he's famous enough now to go it alone and will definitely make himself as relevant as possible.

Seriously, would a guy who doesn't think he's popular say he doesn't want to "Lebron the announcement?" Chmerkovskiy put himself on Lebron level, y'all. He means business.

So what will Chmerkovskiy do now that he's done with DWTS? I think he should have a show of his own. Here's a few suggestions:

  • Dancing with the Maks — This hybrid dating show/dancing competition is like The Bachelor meets DWTS. Maks prepares dance routines with 12 women and kicks one off each week based on both romantic chemistry and chemistry on the dance floor. Cha-cha-cha!
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
  • Backup Maksim — As rumors of Chmerkovskiy dating Jennifer Lopez heat up, he decides to become one of her backup dancers and films a reality show about his time touring with his girlfriend/boss. Much like North West on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, J. Lo never appears on screen because she's too good for that nonsense. The title takes an ironic turn when it's discovered that J. Lo's been cheating on him with his understudy.
  • The Maks — Naming your show after The View is all the rage these days (The Chew, The Real, The Kitchen, The Talk. Seriously, those are all real. This is an epidemic.). On The Maks, Chmerkovskiy hosts a daytime talk show and interviews tons of amazing D-list guests!
  • Maksimum Dancing — On this dancing competition, Chmerkovskiy hosts ten contestants as they participate in dancing endurance competitions in order to win a big grand prize. "Today, you'll be doing the Electric Slide until you can't stop. Ready, set, go!"
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  • Take It to the Maks — Chmerkovskiy helps people with their relationship issues or any other problems they're facing in life. "If you really want to make a relationship happen," he'll say, "Go around telling everyone you want to have your crush's babies." When they come needing any other advice, he'll simply say that "dancing is a great stress reliever/weight loss tactic/way to tackle migraines/cure for rosacea."
  • Dancing with the Stars — I know, I know. This one already exists. But what if he joined the show as not a dancer, but a STAR. Did I just blow your mind?

But really, he'll probably just end up being a Dancing with the Stars guest judge and cohost of Live! with Kelly and Michael when Strahan goes on vacation. Have fun with your time off, Maks! I'm sure we'll see ya soon.

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