10 Times Maksim Chmerkovskiy & Meryl Davis Claimed They Aren't Dating (Even Though They So Are)

It's sadly, tragically, heart-breakingly official: Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Meryl Davis have gone on the record and said that they are not, and haven't been, secretly dating each other. When the two appeared on the Wendy Williams Show, Meryl stated very clearly that she and her Dancing With the Stars Season 18 partner are not a couple, and the collective dreams of Maks/Meryl shippers everywhere were shattered into a million pieces.

But! So maybe they're not dating, but when asked if the two were “having sex, boyfriend and girlfriend, or lovers”, Meryl brushed the question off with a vague non-answer, even though we all know they're doing/have done/want to do stuff to each other's bodies. Or they should, because they're both perfect specimens of beyond-human beauty.

We love Maks and Meryl for their perfect paso dobles, fox trots, and waltzes, but they're also masters of a lesser-known move: the side step (see what I did there?). Maks and Meryl are experts at the vague non-denial, kind-of answer to questions about their relationship, which they've denied (in words) many times before.

We're not convinced, though, and we will probably never stop wishing for these two to be a thing. Here are some of the many, many, artful ways Maks and Meryl have diverted questions about their "platonic" love.

Maks has tried to keep it a secret.

When asked if Meryl is Maks's "perfect woman", he's said, "That's not public knowledge." Deny, deny, deny.

Meryl doesn't want to talk about it.

When asked if the two are a couple, Meryl said, “I can’t talk about that. Our relationship is very unique because he incorporates so much passion in what he does.” Oh, I'm sure he does.

Their love is too epic for words.

Maks's brother Val says that Maks and Meryl's non-relationship relationship defies all conventions of regular old romantic relationships and is "bigger than a kiss".

Maks tries to play it off as a joke.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH HAHA JUST KIDDING ISN'T THAT A FUNNY JOKE? Not buying it, we know you're serious.

Meryl says she's playing hard to get.

Meryl says she and Maks aren't official yet because she's "very stubborn". Translation: Maks is obsessed with her, and she's making him WORK.

They say it's all an act.

Maks has said that, though his chemistry with Meryl is real, that staying "in character" is just part of the job as TV dancers. If their relationship is part of a "character", they'd both do well to consider getting into acting because they are giving us OSCAR WORTHY performances.

All those "almost" kisses.

Meryl has said, “I definitely think that we’ve developed a friendship. I don’t have this going with everybody. We’re comfortable with each other and have developed a relationship that has allowed this to happen.” I'm pretty sure "friends" don't almost kiss each other like that. These two look real comfortable with each other.

All the times Maks waxed poetic about Meryl.

Maks says, “It means so much. To do it with Meryl is a dream come true. There’s a reason it didn’t happen before — because it was meant to happen with this one.”

They're not labeling it.

”I’m not gonna impose my friendship on anyone", Maks has said, "but with Meryl, I think it’s pretty clear that we’re going to try to maintain whatever it is we have going on way past the show.” Yeah, whatever it is.

They're not really denying it.

Maks and Meryl have both gone on and on about how much they "love" each other (but in a totally platonic way, wink) in one misty-eyed monologue after another while holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes. Your words are kind of saying no, but your bodies are saying YAAASSSSS.

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