Prince Harry's Photobomb Is Almost as Good As Grandma's — PHOTO

Those royals sure like to photobomb. E! News found a pic that features Prince Harry photobombing three New Zealand officials at The Commonwealth Games. Perhaps he got the idea from his grandmother, who incidentally photobombed two girls' selfie at the Games last week. The only difference here is that Prince Harry is totally in on it — this is not incidental at all. This is a legit photobomb.

Can this be a thing? Royal photobombs? A series of viral pics that feature England's royalty showing up in photos? Although, I guess you could say that if the royal family shows up in your photo, then you bombed their photo, you plebe.

Still, a photo with Prince Harry is pretty cool, even though he probably will never see his viral status, since E! reports that he abhors social media and everything that surrounds it.

Well, the Internet loves when you appear in social media, Prince Harry! And not to mention, you seem to very good at it, given this photo.

Now, can we get a Kate Middleton photobomb next, please?