'New Girl' Season 4 Promo Art Proves Once And For All Jess & The Gang Are A Bunch of Idiots — PHOTOS

Well, we've all been thinking it for three seasons, but New Girl finally admitted that its main characters are all a bunch of idiots. In the new Season 4 promo art for the spacious-loft sitcom that was tweeted out by Entertainment Weekly, the hapless gang of characters — Jess, Nick, Winston, Schmidt, Coach, and Cece — appear with a brutally honest tagline above them: "Roommates. Lovers. Idiots." Don't we all feel better now that the truth is out in the open? (We certainly do.)

Sure, it's also true that we don't know exactly who "idiots" is referring to but we can make an extremely educated guess that it's about all of the somewhat-grownup misfits and not just two or three of them — although some are certainly bigger idiots than others (we're totally looking at you, Nick Miller). When the show returns on Sept. 16, we'll probably get a chance to watch the repercussions of the Season 3 finale pan-out — Jess and Nick officially broke up — which means we'll get to see how everyone in the friend group copes with the newly strained relationship. And if we can count on anything to happen, it's that the idiot will come out in all of them and provide some seriously slap-your-hand-on-your-forehead moments.

Just check out the motley crew of idiots — idiot as in fool or halfwit — that New Girl has given us:


Oh, Nick Miller. You poor child of a man. He tries so hard to be a grownup, but if we've learned anything from him so far, it's that he might not actually ever become one. Whether he's carrying around money in a plastic bag, having real-slash-fake conversations with a random old man on a bench, believing that half of a ripped dollar equals 50 cents, avoiding driving tickets so he doesn't have to get glasses, or surviving without health insurance, we know we can always count on Nick to be one of the biggest dumb-dumbs in the room.


You might think that CeCe shouldn't be compared to the rest of the knuckleheads, but she totally should (mostly because she associates with all of them). Plus, she still hasn't given up on Schmidt — come on, we all know she loves him — so that gives her some idiot points.


To be honest, we don't really know how big of an idiot Coach is compared to everyone else, but we do know, based on his first episode in Season 3 when he took all of the guys to a strip club, that he has idiot potential inside of him.


Sometimes her quirkiness tricks you into thinking that she's not an idiot, but she did end up dating Nick... so that definitely counts for something. Although, her naivety does add to her idiot-level, so we'll definitely keep that in mind the next time she schemes up something ridiculous.


Not only is Schmidt an idiot, but he's also somewhat of a jackass. We can forgive him for his obsessive need for everything to be his way, his fascination with suits, or that he thinks cats are obsessed with his nipples, but can we ever let go of that time he totally played CeCe and Elizabeth? Probably not.


Honestly, when is Winston not an idiot? He's basically on his own private playing field with Ferguson the cat doing super weird things that he thinks are totally normal... like swallowing a sanded piece of glass that he thinks is a mint.

Image: Autumn DeWilde/FOX; bandito1578/Imgur; giphy (5)