This Crazy Expensive Purse Comes With a Surprise

Remember back in April when I told you about the House of Borgezie stilettos that supposedly last for 1,000 years? Well, our favorite purveyor of over-the-top luxury fashion is back with the world's (second) most expensive purse. Like many luxury items, it's hideous. Unlike many luxury items, it comes with an adorable butterfly clip straight out of the '90s. That addition alone almost justifies the appalling price tag.

According to the Daily Mail, House of Borgezie's Du Palais clutch costs $177,715 dollars and is studded with 345 diamonds. Because that's necessary. Like the aforementioned stilettos, the purse is said to last for 1,000 years. I'm not really sure who's coming up with this arbitrary number, but since we can't exactly check in after 1,000 years and see if the Du Palais is still alive and kicking, we'll just have to take designer Christopher Shellis' word for it.

The clutch is gold (real 18 karat gold) and diamond-and-silver trimmed, apparently modeled after the Buckingham Palace gates. Shellis told the Daily Mail, "Like the palace gates, it conveys its very own regal presence." OR it conveys "I just spent an exorbitant sum of money on a kind of ugly bag, but hey at least it comes with a butterfly clip!" That's right, there's a tiny butterfly clipped to the handle that looks suspiciously like the plastic accessory you probably wore in middle school. At least the Du Palais has throwback potential!

Let's get a look at this clutch now, shall we?

No worth going into debt for, now is it? I say, skip the Du Palais entirely and go seek out a packet of honest-to-god butterfly clips for five dollars. They'd make a far trendier style statement. But don't worry, Shellis doesn't want you to buy the Du Palais. He told Mail:

It would not look out of place among the collection of the jewels in the Tower of London itself. It could easily be worn by any royal princess. The bag is practical and is big enough to hold a purse, make-up or phone - but whoever buys it will probably have staff to hold those items for them.

"And we'll never be roooyals."

Image: House of Borgezie