How did Khloe Meet French?

It makes sense that Khloe Kardashian and French Montana would organically become a couple. If reality TV has taught us anything at all, L.A. is a small city. If you run in similar circles and are a Kardashian, a pro athlete, or a rapper, odds are that you'll collide at Beacher's Madhouse at one time or another. Patron shots will be shared, numbers will be exchanged, and the romance will evolve from there, culminating in a KUWTK cameo that everybody saw coming. As familiar as we all may be with this narrative, I'd like to confirm some details. How exactly did Khloe Kardashian meet her new bae French Montana? They were introduced by a very prominent mutual friend. I'll give you a hint... He's a rapper who's changed his name like 10 times since the '90s.

Bah, I won't make you guess! Obviously, it's Puff Daddy. Yes indeed, Sean "Puffy" Combs, the man of a million white parties and name change certificates, played cupid for these two L.A. paper-chasers. How do they both know him? Well, French was featured on Puff Daddy's single "Big Homie" along with Rick Ross, so they've worked together. Khloe and Puff have, apparently, been buddies for years, and at one point were rumored to be dating. Now though, Puffy's all about playing matchmaker.

According to Philly.com, Kardashian and French did their first interview together on July 24 on New York's Power 105 radio. French revealed that Sean Combs was indeed the Patti Stanger in their romance. He divulges to radio host Angie Martinez that "Puff is the one who put us together." Oh yes, it's a match made in Tom Haverford's heaven.

In what was probably a grand gesture of thanks to Puff Daddy, the couple attended one of Puffy's Las Vegas bangers together back in May. Since then, the couple has been going strong. French even reached the fateful Kardashian relationship milestone of appearing on KUWTK. Lucky for him, he's always been a fan. French Montana confirmed in the Power 105 interview that he was approached to be on Kardashian's familial reality show and accepted. He tells Martinez "They called me a couple of times for the new season. They got me." That's right, French... nobody escapes meeting the momager. French made Kris Jenner's acquaintance back in May, and she subsequently Instagrammed this picture.

See? Mom loves him. Diddy loves him. Khloe loves him. He's charmed the pants off all of Hollywood. Basically, he's accrued more than enough Kardashian-stars and contacts to ascend the fame ladder, which is pretty much impossible to do. (In Kim Kardashian's game, at least, and obviously it's exactly like real life.)

Image: fuckyeahtomhaverford/Tumblr; Kris Jenner/Instagram