Katy Perry & Madonna Are Friends Now

by Kenya Foy

In addition to being singers who kissed girls and liked it, it appears that Katy Perry and Madonna have far more in common than anyone realized. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the 29-year-old pop star discussed the benefits of therapy and her plans for motherhood, while quickly dismissing any conversation about her failed marriage to Russell Brand. Besides, there are much more interesting subjects to cover, like the fact that Perry counts Madonna as one of her friends.

Madonna released her first album a year before Perry was even born, so Madge probably has a ton of useful advice for a singer who likely hopes to follow in the veteran performer's musical footsteps. Who knows exactly what specific words of wisdom Madonna may have offered Perry thus far, but judging by the "Dark Horse" singer's description of how the friendship formed, Madonna's all about trust.

You have to really prove that you're an authentic person, and you can be trusted, to be in a circle of friends with her. Which I totally understand. You have to really guard your heart when you're on this kind of level. You can't just have weirdos around you, strange people that want to suck your blood. Because everybody wants to be on your dick, you know? So you have to be very very 'What are your motives? Why are you here? What do you want from me?'
Taylor Hill/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In a healthy relationship of any kind, trust is most certainly essential, so it stands to reason that Perry trusted Madonna enough to share her feelings about going through a public divorce. After all, Madonna's two divorces surely left with her some valuable lessons to share with a friend. And there's no way in hell Perry is friends with the Material Girl without picking her brain about music matters. So yeah, I'm pretty sure she and Perry have had the talk about how to remain on the path to superstardom. And since Madonna's no stranger to controversy, she would've been a good person to help Perry deal with the "Dark Horse" video backlash.

If Perry does seek advice from Madonna, at least she knows it's coming from someone who basically paved the road she's traveling.