Lady Gaga Wears Chanel On 'Harper's Bazaar,' But This Is No Lady Who Lunches

Lady Gaga is a Versace gal. Mother Monster appeared in the (very retouched) ads for the luxe design house this year, looking like a younger version of the brand's doyenne Donatella Versace, with mega long, mega blonde, center-parted locks, bronzed skin, and coral lips. But for the upcoming September issue of Harper's Bazaar, Lady Gaga appears on one of the three U.S. covers, wearing a signature tweed Chanel suit in cotton candy pink.

What will Donatella say?

It actually doesn't matter what D. Versace thinks, since Gaga, who made a huge splash in a cream-colored, custom Chanel ball gown when she had her Christmas shop at Barney's in 2011, is wearing an unexpected but hallmark Chanel piece, complete with a hat, tipped forward. She looks shockingly normal, save for the Rapunzel hair.

It's very ladylike and very much inspired by the Anna Wintour playbook. Those are not Gaga style signatures. Yes, she is "Lady" Gaga but her style is not lady who lunches, which this suit screams.

It's classic and unexpected, but upon closer inspection, it's totally Gagafied, especially since her pup Asia is her best accessory. It's Asia's first fashion cover and she totally brought it. Doesn't it look like she's waving? Gaga also wears the blazer draped over her shoulders, showing off her lovely lady lumps. Actually, one lady lump, since the other is obscured by that thick cascade of hair.

But then there's the fishnet stockings and those sharpened-to-a-point, poke-your-eyes-out dagger nails. Leave it to Gaga to twist and pervert a classic in all the right ways.

The image is part of Carine Roitfeld's portfolio of fashion plates like Gaga, Penélope Cruz, Linda Evangelista, Monica Bellucci, Brooke Shields, Gigi Hadid, Joan Smalls, and Lauren Hutton, among others, which will appear in all 30 editions of the publication.

All of those women are unforgettable, but leave it to Gaga to stand out by ditching her outrageous couture in favor of something so classic, paired with decidedly Gaga details.

Of course Gaga and Roitfeld further Gagafied the outfit and in a not-so-obvious way, too. They did so by having her wear wide black fishnets and by cutting the suit shorter, with approval and permission from Chanel's leather fingerless glove wearing, silver fox, and head honcho Karl Lagerfeld, according to WWD. I'm glad to see the ladies respect fashion etiquette and sought Lagerfeld's "ok" beforehand.

Oh, and this is Gaga's custom Chanel gown from the 2011 Christmas season. She looked like a Disney princess. Gaga has worn the brand many times before, but not as frequently as you'd think.

Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Notice the Chanel purse, too. She also added a pair of black shades to the overall look to give it the Gaga touch.

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her full skirt was so Southern belle, too.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In 2012, her poufy white fur jacket was a statement-maker in and of itself and so were her heels, which were shaped like her The Fame perfume bottles. But then she went an added a gazillion dollar Chanel purse and it stole the show from the rest of the outrageous pieces. It's a rather basic bag in terms of shape, but it's Chanel so it can never be a basic bitch, mind you.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Those heels are something else, right?

Gaga also donned head-to-toe black Chanel, complete with a feathered, bird-like head sacrf thingy in 2012. That's Gaga, flying like a bird.

Images: Harper's Bazaar (1); Getty Images (4)