He Made Amber a Terrifying Goodbye Gift

What do a banana, a pickle, and dental floss have in common? This is shockingly not a bad riddle with a punch line, they actually do have something in common. They are all items Caleb is using to win Amber's heart as a last attempt before she is evicted from the house on Thursday's live episode of Big Brother . Couldn't make that up. Here's the dish: Caleb got himself in a little bit of a pickle — LOL — when he suggested Frankie replaced Victoria with Amber to scare Amber back to being loyal to him. Yeah, he's awful. Anyway, the house decided they were going to backdoor Amber, so Caleb's plan allowed them to blame her imminent eviction solely on him, causing him to cry nonstop for an entire day. Then Caleb got word that Amber was going to come after him if she were to stay, so Beast Mode Psycho, I mean, Cowboy, decided to finally completely cut ties with her. At least that's what we thought.

With Amber's eviction coming soon, Caleb decided he didn't want to end their relationship — which doesn't exist — on such a bad note, so he came up with a plan to tell Amber about the guy he really is. So, a pickle, banana, and dental floss walk into the Big Brother house...

A quick background on Amber and Caleb's food preferences: Caleb hates pickles more than anything, and I know what you're thinking, "But he ate one for Amber!" Well, that is because he is a nut job. Amber, on the other hand, loves pickles, but is terrified of bananas. Sounds reasonable. So Caleb came up with this idea to take a banana and peel it, and put a pickle inside it, then sew it back up, and hand it to her when she leaves the house. What is the symbolism behind it you ask? I'll let Caleb explain that one.

That's me, on the outside, that's how you judged me when you first seen me. You seen me like you seen this banana. You didn't want to touch it. You didn't even care to open it because you hate its texture. And if you open it up and see it's a pickle. It's something you really love. At the end of the day, so don't judge a book by its cover because at the end of the day you never know what's inside...

So in case that one poetry class in college didn't help you figure out what the pickle inside the banana means (and yes, Caleb is completely blind to the the sexual nature of his gesture), Caleb just gave you a lesson in Symbolism 101. Thanks, Cowboy! Here is the scene of the crime:

Caleb's inspirational and thought provoking actions have even gone as far as inspiring a Twitter account:

Because you really can never judge a book by its cover.

Images: CBS; Pickle Banana/Twitter