'Big Brother' Caleb Hit Amber with a Pillow & Things Might Get Way Worse

We all learned at an early age that violence is never the answer, didn't we? You'd think a grown man such as Caleb Reynolds on Big Brother , being a human member of society and all, would agree that violence is not the answer. Then again, this is the guy that reportedly beat a hog to death in an Instagram video. So, when Caleb decided to take release his anger on Amber in a physical way Monday, I wasn't necessarily surprised, but I was alarmed that no one stopped him.

After not speaking to Amber for a few days, Caleb decided, once Amber was sleeping, that he would throw a pillow at her. I know a pillow isn't something that is going to inflict a lot of pain, but that shouldn't even matter. The fact that Caleb decided to release his anger in a physical matter is completely inappropriate and should be something producers keep an eye on, because who knows what he is going to throw next. Whether this was a prank or not, Caleb and Amber's "relationship" in the house has been nothing other than tumultuous and this seems like just the starting point for what he is capable of.

Throwing a pillow is childish and shouldn't be something occurring in the house full of adults. Especially because, if you have been keeping up with the saga between Amber and Caleb, you know that Caleb's intentions were probably not of the fun loving nature.

Sadly, it seems like Caleb isn't done tormenting Amber. After a realization that she has no loyalty to him on Tuesday night — how he is just realizing she isn't loyal to him is beyond me — Caleb decided he wants to start pulling "pranks" on Amber. Those "pranks" include getting a pot full of freezing cold water and dumping it on Amber as she slept, and throwing baby powder in her face. It seems that Caleb didn't do that, like he had planned, instead he spent the entire night (into the morning) rehearsing the speech he was going to give to tell Amber off on Thursday's live show.

In defense of the other houseguests not doing anything to stop this type of behavior, on Tuesday night's Big Brother After Dark, Frankie told Caleb he needs to stop threatening women. Obviously that isn't something that should need to be said to someone, but at least there are people in the house that know his behavior is out of control and needs to be stopped.

Images: CBS