5 Reasons Lizzy Caplan Needs to Be a Huge Star

by Rachel Simon

Showtime's new trailer for Masters of Sex premiered earlier today, and while everything about the series looks great, my first thought upon watching was that finally, Lizzy Caplan will get to be a star. The actress, who stars in the series alongside Michael Sheen as a 1950s sex researcher, has been this close to stardom for years, and hopefully, the promising Masters of Sex will make people finally take notice. If you're forgetting what makes Caplan so deserving, let us remind you:

1. She had all the best lines in Mean Girls.

Nine years ago, Caplan co-starred in a little movie called Mean Girls, playing Janis Ian, the self-described "art freak" that befriended Lindsay Lohan's new girl Cady. Everything about Mean Girls is great, of course, but Caplan's delivery of her many one-liners keeps us in stitches every time we re-watch (which, admit it, is really often).

2. She taught Jason Segel how to disco on Freaks and Geeks.

As everyone knows, Freaks and Geeks was one of the best shows of all time, and it's a crime that it was cancelled after just one season. Still, during just 18 episodes, the show managed to feature a laundry list of future comedy stars, including Seth Rogen, Martin Starr, Rashida Jones, and, of course, Lizzy Caplan. Caplan played Sara, a disco-loving girl who became the girlfriend of Jason Segel's Nick in the series finale, despite Nick still being in love with Lindsay Weir (Linda Cardellini). It was a small role, but Caplan killed it in every scene, and made us realize why we haven't seen Jason Segel dance since.

3. She's all for a Party Down reunion.

Caplan seems to have a thing for critically acclaimed but low-rated shows (and we haven't even mentioned The Class ). She was a main cast member of Starz' much-loved Party Down, which was cancelled after only two quick seasons. Yet, unlike most fans of short-lived shows, Party Down devotees might actually get to see their favorite catering company run again — Caplan, like the rest of the cast, has expressed her interest in revisiting the series, possibly through a movie adaptation. Is it too soon for a preparatory binge-watch?

4. She was heartbreaking in Bachelorette, the best black comedy you didn't see.

When Bachelorette, a dark comedy starring Kristen Dunst, Caplan, Isla Fisher and Rebel Wilson was released last year, chances are you didn't see it. With middling reviews (some critics adored it, some really, really hated it) and a good, but not incredible run at the box office, it mostly flew under the radar, finding a home on On Demand and iTunes. If you missed it, though, do yourself a favor and check it out; Bachelorette is a whip-smart, brutally honest look at the complexity of female friendship. Caplan, as a sardonic, guarded thirty-something whose party-girl ways aren't so cute anymore, steals every scene she's in.

5. She made the funniest fashion commercial ever.

In February, Caplan starred in a genius ad that parodies the fashion world by having the actress pick flowers, take Polaroids, and dance with ribbons, all while saying purposely-absurd things like "sometimes I think to myself in French" and “I like to collect things. I’m good at it.” The commercial is for Viva Vena!, a real clothing company, and it's the funniest fashion has been since ... well, ever.