Avril Lavigne Gets Huge Rock From Hubby Chad Kroeger, But More Importantly, She's Wearing PINK

Is Avril Lavigne, who generated some negative publicity over her perceived racism in her "Hello Kitty" video, softening in her, er, old age?

The singer, who turns 30 in September, looks eternally young and forever 21 — not Forever 21, mind you — thanks to her personal style, which is full of black, black, and more black, along with hoodies, sneakers, and leggings. But she tweeted a picture with her second husband, Nickelback singer and fellow Canadian Chad Kroeger, showing off a rock that's like the size of my head, if not bigger. BTW, she was one of the celebs who nixed a white dress for her wedding, instead wearing a black gown when she and Kroeger swapped vows, in keeping with her personal style.

So, the ring was the first thing that caught my attention about her now-deleted tweet, since that thing could light her way home during a blackout.

The bauble is about as ostentatious as it gets. But hey, if my dude gave me a rock the size of Gibraltar, I'd probably be stoked and be all like, "Heeeey! Look at the ring my baby got for me." Lavigne seems to have thought better of it, since the tweet is now MIA, but since nothing ever dies on the Internet, the photo lives on. Thank you, screenshots.

I was also taken aback by the fact that the singer is wearing pink. It's not normally part of her color palette, except for an accessory here and there. She usually mixes some white, some leopard print, some red, or some purple with her largely black ensembles, but she rocked bright pink. It's totally un-Lavigne-like.

Let's take a moment to gawk at that bling. That could be considered a weapon, especially if she punched someone in the face while wearing it.

She had tweeted that the ring is 17 carats and an anniversary gift. Not bad, Mr. Kroeg.

Now let's look at five other times Av didn't wear all black and still looked adorbs. As someone also who wears 99 percent black, down to socks, undies, and panties, I love her look and allegiance to the same shade, but it's nice to see her break free a little.

1. Bronzed And Ruched

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lavigne went with a strapless metallic column frock that was ruched and bronzed, departing from her trademark dark duds but not her signature rocker gal look. The shoes were the only black part of the ensemble.

2. Colorblocked Black And White But Mostly White

Lam Yik Fei/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This colorblocked dress was decidedly different for the singer, since it's mostly white and not very punk rock. That's not good or bad; it's just...different.

3. Earning Her Stripes

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Of course there is still some black in the mix, thanks to the pants and the vertical stripes, but the fitted, sorta nautical top worked for her.

4. Even More Zebra Stripes

Georges De Keerle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Her striped column gown was simple, deceptively so, but it looked more like a print. For Lavigne, this was branching out. It was also a little nautical...again.

5. Blazer of Glory

Chelsea Lauren/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lavigne broke with all black at a fashion show for her now-paused Abbey Dawn line. The structured, leather-trimmed white blazer was a perfect pop of contrast to the pink hair, nerdy specs, and shredded pants.

Images: Avril Lavigne/Twitter (1); Getty (5)