Disney's D23 Fan Convention Reveals Really Exciting Secrets (That Include Amy Poehler!)

Imagine if instead of being dressed up like superheroes and anime characters, everyone at Comic Con was just wearing Mickey Mouse ears — and half of them were kids. That's basically D23, Disney's annual fan convention filled with inside information about the Disney magic, as well as a few big announcements. Not quite as exciting as Comic Con, but enough to warrant your interest, especially since the Finding Nemo sequel is involved. Here's what we learned from D23 today.

Finding Dory Has a Cast

The Finding Nemo sequel, which centers on Ellen DeGeneres' forgetful Dory, will have some new characters with familiar voices. Joining DeGeneres and Albert Brooks' Merlin are Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy as Dory's parents, and Modern Family's Ty Burrell as her whale sidekick. No pressure to the new guys, but Finding Dory might have the highest expectations ever placed on an animated movie.

More Star Wars Is Coming to the Disney Theme Parks, in Some Way

Disney is still keeping it vague, but there will be some Star Wars attractions headed into the theme parks. At D23, there was an "open house" of the Imagineers projects, and scattered around the floor were crates labeled "Orange Harvest" (which references the working title of Star Wars Episode VI) along with various Star Wars terminology. There were even blueprints hidden throughout the scene, but none close enough for guests to see what was on them, besides random words like "Jedi". It's all just hints right now, but it definitely seems like Disney will be taking advantage of their ownership of LucasFilm and bring the Force into the Magic Kingdom.

Marvel's First Animated Movie Is Weird

There was a booth set up promoting Big Hero 6, an animated movie based on a Marvel comic series. Not much was revealed, except for the silhouettes and names of the key characters, and a postcard that says "Greetings from San Fransokyo." So ... this movie might be taking place in a strange hybrid of San Francisco and Tokyo. The silhouettes are pretty strange too, with the main characters being all different creatures. The only plot details known right now are that Big Hero 6, a robot-building kid named Hiro, gets caught up in trying to save the city. We're gonna need to see a trailer for this one.

Tom Hiddleston Is Even More Adorable Than We Thought

In case you don't love The Avengers' Tom Hiddleston enough already, Loki himself will be voicing a young Captain Hook in one of Disney's animated Tinker Bell movies. Pirate Fairy will be released in 2014, and will also feature Mad Men's Christina Hendricks as main fairy Zaria. Let's just hope the animators remembered this was a kids' movie when they drew her.

Pixar's Latest Project Has a Cast

The next Pixar movie to hit theaters will be The Good Dinosaur next May, which imagines a world where dinosaurs were never extinct and instead live as farmers, when one day they encounter their first human. Disney revealed the main voice cast for the film today, including John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader, Neil Patrick Harris, Judy Greer and Raising Hope's Lucas Neff. There's no news of this secretly being Pixar's remake of The Flintstones, but I really wish it is.

Inside Out Will Have the Best Voices Ever

Another of Pixar's upcoming movies is Inside Out, which takes place mostly in the mind of a 12-year-old girl, with her emotions serving as the main characters. The voice casting could not be better, with Lewis Black playing Anger, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Bill Hader as Fear, The Office's Phyllis Smith as Sadness and, wait for it, Amy Poehler as Joy. Is there any one better suited to play literal joy than Poehler? Inside Out should be awesome, except, it's from the same director as Up. Oh boy. There better be a ton of Joy in this thing, but just in case, I'm bringing three boxes of tissues.

[Image via Pixar]