‘Aladdin’s “Prince Ali” Just Got a Very Impressive Cover Version from One Really Talented Dude — VIDEO

Prince Ali, fabulous he... More like, fabulous this guy. In a cover of "Prince Ali" from the classic Disney musical Aladdin , one man takes on the enormous task of doing what only a guy with tremendous talent — and a lot of time on his hands — could do. This version of the parade song famously sung by Robin Williams & Co. in the movie features a man named Phill Headway singing every single harmony part and playing all of the instruments, with results that sound as though a dozen or so people created it. But nope! It was just this one guy.

Headway's ability to sing multiple parts brings to mind Jon Cozart, the talented man behind the "After Ever After" Disney parody series. While Headway hasn't reworked any lyrics as Cozart does so intelligently, Headway does show tremendous prowess as a musical arranger. As mentioned earlier, he plays all of the instruments. Did you catch that? All. Of. Them. He also clearly has a love for Aladdin's music, but who doesn't have a soft spot for Alan Menken and Howard Ashman's soundtrack?

While my soft spot for the musical may not be big enough for me to spend this much time making my own cover or parady, it is big enough to really enjoy watching Headway utilize all of his talents to make the ultimate cover of "Prince Ali." But I would like to know: how long did it take to make this video? I'm guessing, longer than Aladdin's runtime.

Check it for yourself below!

phillheadway on YouTube

Image: phillheadway/YouTube