Kathie Lee Gifford Wrote A 'Today Show' Musical & Yep! It's Going to Air on NBC

The Today Show... The Musical? Yup, that is a thing that is happening, so prepare yourself for songs like "Back to You!" and "One Direction Is Here And I Can't Hear Myself Think from All of The Screaming Tweens!" I'm kidding. I don't know what the songs are yet. During the end of The Today Show on Friday morning, Kathie Lee Gifford announced that she had written an 18-minute musical featuring people from The Today Show. The musical, which is titled Not Today And Tomorrow Isn't Looking Good Either and will premiere later this year (for real!), will even feature a cameo from Regis Philbin, who was filling in for Hoda Kotb when Gifford made the announcement. Awww, like old times.

It's natural for this sort of announcement to make you think a number of things. The first might be, "what will all of the stay at home parents think when news anchors suddenly burst out into power ballads?" Another might be, "can Al Roker sing?" A third might be, "Kathie Lee... composer?"

That last part is actually true. In fact, Kathie Lee wrote the off Broadway musical Under The Bridge that hit the New York stage in 2004. In 2012, she ventured out to Broadway with Scandalous, which, despite terrible reviews and a very short run, is still proof that she has musical experience.

Since NBC saw such success with The Sound of Music Live , and because they're gearing up for the upcoming Peter Pan starring Girls' Alison Williams, Today reports that the network is trying to capitalize on that buzz with Kathie Lee's campy mini-musical. I'm not exactly sure if a Today musical matches the hype of a classic Broadway musical, but one thing's for certain: NBC sure loves musical theater. You and me both, NBC, you and me both.