Orlando Bloom is stirring up scandal everywhere these days. Last weekend, before his now infamous dust-up with Justin Bieber, the actor was spotted getting extra close to a Vampire Diaries star — the Vampire Diaries star, really — at Chuck star Zachary Levi’s Comic-Con party: According to US Weekly, Orlando Bloom and Nina Dobrev kissed, drank some tequila and even hit the dance floor for some good ol' grinding action. But this isn’t the case of some drunken hook-up, a source for the gossip site said:

Nina has known Orlando for a few years now. She's been out with him in social settings with mutual friends. She's always thought he was an attractive man.

Plot twist! A spy for the New York Daily News also added:

Orlando is usually reserved, but he had his hands around her waist and he was dancing with her very closely. At one point, I really thought they were going to kiss.

Both are lurking in the awkward “rebound” phase following their former relationships: Bloom is, following the ending of his three-year marriage to model Miranda Kerr (whom he apparently got into a huge fight over with Bieber in Ibiza, but that's a whole 'nother story that you should read about right here), and Dobrev after breaking up with her Vampire Diaries costar Ian Somerhalder. Could this be the start of something more? Possibly — though were were initially skeptical, the sources are starting to get more and more insistent that something is going on. And hey, isn't there usually some sort of truth in every piece of celeb gossip?