She Really Knows How to Pull off a Scrunchie

If the resurgence of acid wash denim and jelly sandals have taught us anything, it's that fashion is cyclical. Trends come, go, are exiled to the isle of "totally dated" for about ten years, and then resurface with a vengeance. Even scrunchies are making somewhat of a comeback, much to the surprise of pretty much everyone who lived through the decade-long backlash. Even Miley is bringing 'em back. Sure, it's tough to imagine how to re-incorporate these pieces of flair back into our wardrobes after hating on them for so many years. I mean, what if you do it wrong and look like a total doofus? This is where we turn to Full House's Michelle Tanner, who was basically the toddler Imelda Marcos of scrunchies.

Yup, little Mary Kate and/or Ashley provided that hair accessory blueprint that you followed throughout the early part of your own childhood. She rocked the side-pony, the pigtails, and the high-pony all with the aid of those little elasticized pieces of fabric. Although you always noticed her hair, it was decidedly uncomplicated. Her range of 'do's demonstrated the likely styling abilities of Danny Tanner, Joey Gladstone, and Jesse Katsopolis. We have to give them a round of applause for believability there. So if you're thinking of wading back into the scrunchie pond, take a page out of Michelle Tanner's book and follow these simple steps.

Stick to neutrals

A black scrunchie adds some playfulness to the greaser look.

Accessorize your accessories

Anyone know where I can get a pair of sunglasses for my hair tie?

Go big or go home

Oversize scrunchies are more accurate to the period.

Don't be afraid to get high

A high ponytail is nothing to shy away from. After all, the higher the hair, the closer to God.

Practice caution with pigtails

You may reasonably be able to land this look if you're an adorable toddler, but past the age of six you may want to refrain from trying this.

Have a sense of humor about it

If people start hating on your throwback 'do, just whip your hair back and forth and brush off your shoulders. Utter a couple Full House quotes, and be like "I'm the mascot of Jesse and the Rippers" and nobody will argue with your swag. Can you kill a scrunchie? You got it, dude...

Images: Giphy