Sookie and Bill Hook Up on ‘True Blood’ One Last Time

The moment we all thought would happen has finally arrived. Sookie and Bill have, once again, hooked up on True Blood , proving that near-death experiences really are the ultimate aphrodisiac. (And, if that's the case, maybe there's still some hope for us Eric and Sookie 'shippers?) Is it the smartest decision Sookie could've made? Probably not. Is it the one I, personally, would've made? Hell no! (#TeamEric4eves) But here we are, so we might as well make the best of it and let those still existing Sookie and Bill 'shippers have their day in the sun… metaphorically speaking of course.

After wasting what I feel was a huge chunk of time watching as Bill's Hep-V veins continued to grow (seriously, how was this helpful in any way?), Sookie decided to make it her top priority to cure Bill because miracles are totally possible — even for a town like Bon Temps. (There's really no proof to back up that statement, but A+ for positive thinking, I guess.) Sookie tries everything she can think of to help find Bill a cure, even calling upon supernatural expert Dr. Ludwig and her faerie godfather, Grandpa Niall. Both of which prove to be complete dead ends (no pun intended).

Feeling completely helpless, Sookie does the one thing she can think of — she goes over to Bill's house at sundown and gives him the kind of send-off he'll remember: SEX! And while some fans may certainly want to consider this moment a win for Team Bill, one can't help but wonder if this also signifies the final nail in Bill's coffin.

Let's just look at the facts. Bill has Hep-V and the only cure in the world is about to face the wrath of Eric Northman, who still may or may not die from Hep-V himself depending on his need for revenge. And at the rapid pace that Bill's condition is spreading, it doesn't sound like he has more than a few days left. So the question is — does this hookup signal the start of a rekindled romance or a final farewell to the couple that started it all? Maybe Sookie's right and a miracle will happen. But something tells me this is just the calm before the storm and poor Bill Compton has just been quite literally served with the kiss of death.

And just when we were starting to like him again…

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