Justin Bieber Mocks Chris Brown & Drake Feud Waaay Too Soon After His Own — VIDEO

It has been almost a week since Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber got in a fight in Ibiza, Spain, and the Biebs is still stirring up trouble. He ducked the punch that Bloom threw at him, but apparently his pride was still smarting because Bieber went home and launched an Instagram campaign against Bloom that had just about everyone rolling their eyes. Bieber deleted the picture of Miranda Kerr as well as the picture of Orlando Bloom crying that he posted to his Instagram, but nothing ever goes away on the Internet. It seems like they've both moved on for now, but Bieber still had time to poke fun at another infamous feud that lately has seemed to be over. Over the weekend, Bieber posted a video of a Drake cover and tagged Chris Brown, which had people wondering if it was a diss or a joke.

The video featured Bieber himself doing the short cover and he wasn't so much rapping it as he was singing it in a silly falsetto voice with sunglasses on. He tagged the video with the caption "chrisbrownofficial we got the remix". Chris Brown and Drake had a feud that famously became physical at a nightclub in 2012, but in recent months the two have seemed to bury the hatchet.

So what was Bieber doing here? Well, isn't that a question for the ages. On the surface, the video seems like nothing more than a joke. After all, Drake and Chris Brown have been seen in the studio together and Chris Brown made a guest appearance at Drake's hosting of the ESPY awards. It's safe to say that any bad blood that remains between the two of them has been squashed, even if Drake has better things to do than hang out with Chris Brown. Justin Bieber's sense of humor frequently crosses the boundary into tasteless, so it would come as no surprise that he would make a joke like this without considering the bad timing.

After all, it hasn't even been a week since the start of the feud between Bieber and Bloom that got physical in a restaurant in Spain. Now he's posting a video that references two people who got into a similar feud for a similar reason two years ago? The war between Drake and Chris Brown was said to be over Chris Brown's ex-girlfriend and Drake's crush Rihanna, just like the war between Bloom and Bieber is said to be over Bieber's crush and Bloom's ex-wife Miranda Kerr. I doubt that Bieber was doing anything malicious with his video, which is harmless, but the situation that he's in makes the video too easy to read into.

At this point in his career, the fact that Bieber hasn't learned the benefit of foresight to examine the consequences of his words and actions is truly bewildering. Or maybe at this point he's learned to close his ears to all the talking that people are going to do. When someone throws a punch at you and most of the world declares themselves Team Bloom as a result, it's probably wise to stop caring what other people think. One day, Justin Bieber will have to mature. Today is still not that day.

Image: justinbieber/Instagram