If you follow Miley Cyrus on social media, you'd know that she's having a bit of a wacky fashion moment. The recovering Disney Star has experimented with bedazzled Band-Aids, plastic dolls in her hair, and endless scrunchies, among other things. Most recently, Miley Cyrus wore a baggy kimono out in public — and it's actually pretty tame by her standards.

Kimonos are having a style moment right now, cultural appropriation be damned (except that cultural appropriation is, you know, serious business), so the silky garment isn't exactly a shocking choice for the boundary-pushing Cyrus. In fact, the silhouette of the orange and blue dress is almost dowdy. There isn't a belly button or exposed nipple in sight! Color me shocked as can be. Of course, the singer managed to Miley-fy the get up with a pair of hefty black ankle booties and her now trademark blonde topknot, decked out with colorful hair ties, plus a very cute pair of sunglasses and her puppy, Emu. But even her lively accessories and adorable furry friend can't distract from the fact that her kimono dress looks a whole lot like a novelty bathrobe. I mean, really, what even is that orange and blue color scheme? Bonus points for being daring, I guess.

Check out more images of the Miley kimono over at the the Daily Mail. Feeling inspired? I'd recommend taking a slightly different path than Miley, choosing a shorter hemline and a less overtly appropriative pattern (Dragons? Really, Miley?), like this option from ASOS. It's cute and takes a nod at the kimono without being over the top.

Love Floral Kimono (ASOS, $54)

Image: ASOS