For Efron & Rodriguez, Opposites Attract

Sure, Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez have been getting pretty cozy as of late, but let's face it — the real question on everyone's mind is, "Is this a real relationship? And, if so, can it possibly last?" The trusty Magic 8 ball I usually consult on all matters of divination isn't giving me much to go on ("ask again later"), so we'll have to turn to alternative methods. Fortunately, both Efron and Rodriguez have each curated an impressive body of work that gives us plenty of clues. To organize things a little bit, I've divided some of their films into a few categories by which we will compare and contrast their best known roles to better figure out whether Efron and Rodriguez were made for each other. We're totally using science, guys.

HE'S BEST KNOW FOR: The High School Musical Franchise

Ahhh yes, how I still yearn for that bygone era of Zac Efron twirling about on golf courses. It was truly a better time, folks. Whether Efron cares to admit it or not, in my heart of hearts, I'll always think of him as the lanky basketball star who taught us that the status quo's for squares because we're all in this together.

SHE'S BEST KNOWN FOR: The Fast & Furious Franchise

Similarly, no matter where Rodriguez's career takes her, to me, she'll always be Letty Ortiz. Probably because tough-talking mechanic and street racer Letty was such a straight up BAMF, it's hard to think of her as anyone else.

So to summarize, we're talking about this:

Versus this:

The verdict: Unlikely. I'm sure Letty would have Troy drooling after her in a heartbeat, but its hard to imagine Letty settling for a teenager whose greatest challenge thus far is wanting to be on the basketball team and sometimes sing.

HIS BIG SCREEN DEBUT: The Derby Stallion

Efron's little known debut, The Derby Stallion, introduced the world to the once and future Zefron. In it, a fresh-faced Efron played a 15-year-old boy with knack for horseback riding.


Meanwhile, Rodriguez was earning herself an Independent Spirit Award for Best Debut Performance for her turn in Girlfight. In it, Rodriguez plays a character right in her wheelhouse: Diana, a young female boxer, blazes a trail for generations of lady boxers to come.

The verdict: Probably not. Once again, we have Rodriguez in a totally badass role and Efron in a totally not badass role. Neither of them started out in the blockbuster roles we're used to seeing them in today though, so at least they have that in common.


Hollywood likes what it knows, so both Efron and Rodriguez have faced their fair share of typecasting. In the film adaptation of the Broadway smash hit Hairspray, Efron essentially played Troy circa 1960: a popular ladies man who think he has it made until a much less cool chick shows him how much of life he's missing out on.

On a somewhat-related note, it also seared this image of Efron making out with his hand into our brains forever:



Apparently, if there's not a freaking awesome lady for her to play, Rodriguez just throws those scripts out. (And in the grand scheme of type-casting, I'd bet it's infinitely preferable to the googly-eyed dream boat deal Efron seems to have landed for himself). Avatar sees Rodriguez as a fighter pilot who embodies the mantra "do the right thing."

The verdict: Nope. Perhaps the only thing harder to imagine than Letty Ortiz falling for Troy Bolton is Trudy Chacon falling for Link Larkin, and not least of all because time travel would have to factor into there somewhere. (I would totally read that fan-fiction though.)

But hey, opposites attract right? Maybe Troy and Letty wouldn't make the greatest match, but for now, real-life Efron and Rodriguez seem happily inseparable.

Images: aazhk, jennymillss, southern-tide/Tumblr; Giphy