He and Michelle Rodriguez are All Over Each Other

It seems like a long time ago that whether or not Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez were dating was a surprising question rather than an accepted fact. Like Naya Rivera's wedding to Ryan Dorsey, Efron and Rodriguez's relationship came from out of nowhere to people who had never so much as seen them photographed together before. Unlike Naya Rivera's wedding to Ryan Dorsey, we at least know that Rivera and Dorsey had known each other for four years prior to the wedding. There was no warning when it came to Efron and Rodriguez going from zero to seaside make out sessions. They just sprang full-formed into being like the mythical Athena.

These days, Efron and Rodriguez are so affectionate with one another that it's bizarre that we never connected them to one another before. Their relationship was revealed with pictures of them kissing while on vacation and now TMZ has obtained a video of Efron and Rodriguez kissing again, on the dance floor of a club in Ibiza, Spain. Ibiza is seeing a lot of celebrity action these days, what with the fight that broke out between Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber over there, but it's clearly going to be seeing a lot of PDA action from Efron and Rodriguez as well now that Efron has flown there to join her.

In fact, with neither one having spoken out about the status of their relationship with each other, PDA action is all we have to go on. Admittedly, it's pretty damning evidence. Most friends don't spend their time with each other kissing. Friends can do that, but they usually don't. Plus, Rodriguez and Efron are both actors and they know what the Hollywood rumor mill is like. Flaunting a casual relationship in everyone's face like that just Isn't Done in the celebrity world. There was speculation that Rodriguez and Efron had been friends with benefits since 2011 but even if they managed to keep it under wraps for three years then why let their secret out now?

Efron and Rodriguez don't seem to be able to keep their hands off each other when they're in the same place and it seemed to happen practically overnight. How did we not notice their closeness when getting close is all they seem to do lately? Are they dating or just messing with us? And when did Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne break up? Does Delevingne have anything to do with the sudden public part of Rodriguez and Efron's public displays of affection?

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The thing is, while Efron is no stranger to PDA, as his relationship with ex-girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens could attest, it took until 2007 for him and Hudgens to start dating and go public with it. Maybe Efron's learned from the fact that he and Hudgens eventually broke up that slow and steady isn't what wins the race. Maybe Efron and Rodriguez are just having a summer romance and they don't care what anyone thinks. Maybe Efron and Rodriguez are just two people in love and they're not going to stop being affectionate in fear of something as silly as a camera.

The only thing for sure at this point is that there's definitely a romantic element to Efron and Rodriguez's relationship that goes beyond some mere hook up. They both seem happy in their relationship and they're both insanely gorgeous, so if you have to cry your way through a carton of Ben & Jerry's before you can properly be happy for them then no one will judge you.

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