Where Can I Buy Baby Groot From 'Guardians of the Galaxy'? Nowhere — Yet

If you've read the headline of this article some things have already been spoiled. You know a Baby Groot exists in the realms of Guardians of the Galaxy . But if you're like thousands of Americans who went to the theater this weekend, you know exactly what all the fuss is about: Baby Groot in a potted plant is absolutely, unbelievably adorable. And Baby Groot dancing to the likes of a Jackson 5 song cannot be beat. So it comes as no surprise that enthusiasts of the Marvel flick are begging to get their hands on their own little Groot.

For those of who need a refresher [And here's where the real SPOILERS come in], here's exactly how Baby Groot entered our lives: Groot, the treelike, sensitive superhero (voiced beautifully by Vin Diesel) sacrificed his life to save his friends. Rocket, the mutant raccoon BFF of Groot finds a bit of Groot in the aftermath rubble, and salvages it to "grow" a new Groot. The final sequence of the film, for those patient enough to hang out for the post-credit scenes, showcases a young Groot dancing gleefully to the Jackson 5's "I Want You Back."

Here's a taste:

And because Baby Groot is like a playful puppy dog and a small child with magical powers combined, everyone wants a piece of Baby G.

And with great demand comes supply, right? Well, not quite. Marvel has yet to release any statement about a Groot toy in the works, however we imagine it's only a matter of time. Take a look at this awesome fan drawing from Kelly Angel of what the Groot toy could look like:

Kelly Angel/Tumblr

Or, if you absolutely can't wait for the official Marvel toy, Etsy has already offered up a pretty "lifelike" version of Baby Groot (albeit non-singing and dancing).

You can buy it here.

Image: Marvel; Tumblr