She Might Get Booted from 'RHONY'

by Kayla Hawkins

Aviva Drescher, of leg-throwing infamy, is nothing if not desperate to be on Real Housewives of New York . But after disappearing for half of Season 6, Bravo might not want to put up with Aviva during Season 7. While there's no official word from the network on which ladies will be back, there are rumors that every single lady except Sonja will be canned. If that's true, Aviva's fresh out of luck, but if not, she'll have to prove that she deserves to return after missing so many episodes.

One one hand, she's every producer's dream. She started pointless fights, escalated them way out of proportion, and blamed it all on phantom ailments like asthma. On the other, she so clearly calculated her biggest moments, from carrying a dossier of medical paraphernalia to the season-ending leg throw.

Most of the women are on the show to promote something or other. Ramona pimps out Ramona Pinot Grigot, Heather has Yummie Tummie, Carole has her books, LuAnn had her music, a book, and now, a fashion line. Sonja's always working on a good six to 12 projects she attempts to brag about. Kristen is basically doing this as a favor for her husband, Josh, who's trying to get his energy drink company off the ground (I find Josh a deplorable human being, so if you want details on his company you'll have to look them up yourself).

The point is, while they all clearly get something out of being on the show, they have other lives to return to. That is, besides Aviva. That's not to say that being a former lawyer, activist, charity organizer, and author isn't admirable — it is! But Aviva doesn't really talk about those things anymore. She doesn't even really talk about her family, unless she's dragging out creepy old George, the erection bandit, and his collection of disgusting pickup lines. No, Aviva isn't there to share a glimpse into her life and hopefully make her fans spend a few bucks. She's there because she wants people to talk about her. And she wants it to be on her terms. She even floated the rumor that George's fiancee, Cody, should be on the show just so she could have another ally.

The only problem is, that's not what Bravo wants. Bravo is not there to make Aviva look quirky and cool and a little bit weird. Bravo wants to make her look like the hot mess she's proven herself to be. So they cut her right out of the opening credits when she didn't want to film with the other ladies and kept in all of her clearly planned machinations they probably suggested, like pulling out a copy of Carole's unpublished book or hurling swear words at Kristen while their kids were in the room.

If they are cleaning house, toss Aviva out before I have to lose any of my favorites, from LuAnn to Heather to Carole. But as much as I hate Aviva, she threw her leg for us. That is a woman on a mission. The least we can do is give her one more season to wrap up her twisted descent into madness.