Finally Some Amanda Bynes News That Won't Make You Cringe or Cry

Never before has there been good news about someone shedding some sad tears, but that's just the backwards way things work for Amanda Bynes. TMZ reports that the Amanda Bynes was seen crying while under psychiatric hold, and the doctors say that's a positive sign. Evidently, schizophrenics don't generally show emotion based on real events, and the fact that Bynes was weeping is a sign that she's getting a hold on reality. Sources claim that she was upset on Thursday over the fact that she had to head to court on Friday, an appointment that was eventually canceled, but because of her display of feelings, doctors have extended their hold on. She'll be under their care for another 30 days.

Bynes was originally placed on an involuntary 5150 hold after she was caught setting a fire in a neighbor's driveway in Thousand Oaks, Calif. She claims she was there to see a relative, but that story didn't add up. It was this pyro stunt that was the final straw in a long line of bizarre behavior that finally enabled the authorities to act. Even though we've all known something was up with Bynes for a long time, especially after she alleged she took a cab from New York to L.A., her egregious fire was all it took to put her under psychiatric hold.

Between her tears and the news that her parents have earned a temporary conservatorship (which allows them to control everything in her life from her finances to the people she hangs out with), things seem to be getting better for our favorite '90s star who broke bad.