Nat Wolff Auditioned For 'TFIOS' Augustus Waters So Let's Reimagine These 5 Favorite Scenes

I've been saying for weeks that I'd see any John Green adaptation if Nat Wolff were the star, but who knew this little fun fact about the movie that gave everyone an ugly-crying face? According to early reports of The Fault in Our Stars casting, Nat Wolff was set to audition for TFiOS ' Augustus Waters. Of course, there were other candidates — including the walking, talking perfection that is Ansel Elgort, who we all know ended up landing the role — but I can't help but imagine what TFiOS would've looked like with Wolff as the star. Especially considering Wolff was the star of the film's press tour and that he's set to star in Green's next book-to-film adaptation, Paper Towns.

I know, it's impossible to imagine someone that isn't Elgort reciting the line, "It's a metaphor," but bear with me here. I also know that Green and director Josh Boone made that perfect choice in casting Wolff as Isaac, the 19-year-old musician and actor thrived in this role (even if he didn't have the novel-mentioned floppy, blonde hair). But, as I've rapidly made my way through Green's collection of YA novels, it seems like the author wrote every main character with Nat Wolff in mind.

So, while I love Ansel Elgort and the TFiOS movie couldn't possibly be better, it's really not that difficult for me to see Nat Wolff as Gus in these 5 TFiOS scenes:

The "It's A Metaphor" Scene

"K. Sorry."

The First "Okay"


The Tulips Scene

(In a side bar)

The Grenade Scene

"That in no way lessens my affection for you."

The Dinner Scene

"I love you, Hazel Grace."

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