Elisabeth Moss in 'True Detective' Season 2? Please, Please, Let It Be Real

Haven't accepted the fact that Mad Men is ending? Don't know what you'll do without your weekly dose of Jon Hamm and co.? Sad that even though Elisabeth Moss has quite a line-up of movies ahead of her, you still won't be seeing her on television? Well, hold that thought for a hot second. The Wrap reports that Elisabeth Moss is "being eyed for the female lead " in True Detective. The website describes the character, whose name is allegedly Ani Bezziredes, as "a tough, no-nonsense Monterey sheriff whose troubled upbringing has driven her to gambling and alcohol." Um, holy HBO, you guys. That would be pretty sweet, would it not?

Of course, seeing Moss on television with just a couple of months between her respective shows would be incredible, but there's another reason that this potential role is so important. So frequently, actors play seminal roles early on in their careers, and it takes years — even decades — for them to break free from what they became known for, especially when they achieved recognition for a role in a highly acclaimed and very, very watched series, like Mad Men. Think about it: When you were watching The Strain, you probably said something like, "Oh, hi Corey Stoll in a hairpiece, aka Peter Russo! I miss your gorgeous bald head on House of Cards! "

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Or consider how long it took Matt LeBlanc to break free from the sandwich eating ways of Joey Tribbiani — he couldn't do it until he made fun of himself on Episodes (which, by the way, you should watch at some point, it's funny). And as much as you liked Sarah Michelle Gellar in The Crazy Ones, you probably loved Buffy more. It's okay to admit it. Buffy kicked vampire ass.

For Moss to jump so quickly from Mad Men to a show as high profile as True Detective would be remarkable, impressive, and surely a boon to Moss's already-thriving career.

And besides, wouldn't you love to see Moss collaborate with Colin Farrell, assuming he indeed signs that True Detective deal? (Who's with me for a Colinaissance!?)

HBO, do your thing, and continue to be "not TV." Be so far from television, that you listen to the Internet's humble request for a Colinaissance and a movement that I'll call "More Moss ('Cause Moss Is Boss)." Cheesy, sure, but so damn true.