'Big Brother' Frankie Grande's 'Survivor' Audition Tape Reveals A Whole New Frankie — VIDEO

If anyone from this season of Big Brother is tailor-made for reality TV, it's Frankie Grande. He's loud, goofy, and extremely extroverted, and he has no problem scheming and double-crossing other players if it will improve his game. With that personality, it's really not surprising that the current Big Brother frontrunner auditioned for other reality shows in the past. What is a little surprising is that Frankie auditioned for Survivor , the show probably most opposite to Big Brother in terms of living conditions and challenges. Sure, the 16 BB houseguests may have to occasionally deal with a freezing Have-Not room or living on slop. But sustaining serious injuries while playing Survivor has become so common that a few years ago, the show brought back three contestants who had been forcibly medically evacuated in other seasons. In contrast, the most serious wounds you're likely to develop in Big Brother would surely be psychological.

The Frankie who we know and love from Big Brother does not seem the type to beg for the chance to brave harsh weather conditions, disgusting food, and wild animal attacks. In fact, he seems more like the sort of person who would pack a hair dryer and multiple tanning products just for a weekend camping trip. But despite his high-maintenance exterior, Frankie makes several good arguments for why Survivor should cast him, and reveals some previously unknown information in the process. Watch the video below and then see what we learned about Frankie.

FrankieJG8 on YouTube

He Was the First "Mr. Broadway"

In 2007, multiple singers, actors, and dancers competed in a first annual an all-male beauty pageant, titled "Mr. Broadway." The show was put on to raise money for the Ali Forney Center (a charity that provides housing to homeless LGBT youth in New York City), and contestants were judged on their talents, interview answers, and how cute they looked in swimsuit. Our boy obviously has skills in the talent department (his random dancing around the house is evidence enough), and we know he's always down for wearing skimpy swimsuits. Frankie's also super charismatic, so was it any wonder he was crowned the first "Mr. Broadway"? Well, considering that for his talent he performed "You're the One that I Want" from Grease as GOLLUM (yes, from The Lord of the Rings ) it actually is quite a wonder.

He Founded His Own Charity

Maybe it's just that the format of Big Brother that highlights the narcissism of each houseguest, even the ones who are good people. But I never would have guessed that Frankie is seriously committed to charity work. He started his own organization, called Broadway in South Africa. Twice a year, he and a group of Broadway performers goes to South Africa and teach "an arts education empowerment curriculum" to underprivileged kids. It's pretty frickin' adorable, and reveals a much softer side to Frankie, who's becoming more and more ruthless each week.

He's Crazy Smart

We already know that Frankie is quite sly, and that he's figured how to manipulate multiple houseguests just by getting inside their heads. But from his audition tape, we learn that he is really book smart as well. Frankie triple-majored in dance, theater, and biology at Muhlenberg College, a small private liberal arts school in Pennsylvania. Let's just think about that for a second. Both dance and theater majors require huge amounts of energy just to be in class, and students studying those subjects are often mandated to participate in extracurricular shows and performances as well. But two high-intensity, physically demanding majors wasn't enough for Mr. Grande. He also took on biology, which is not exactly a walk in the park. Oh, and did we mention that Muhlenberg has been ranked as one of the top ten theater schools in the country by the Princeton Review? Stop it Frankie, you're making literally every other college grad look bad.

He Loves Climbing Trees. A Lot.

During Frankie's four-and-a-half minute audition tape he climbs not one, but two trees. It's very impressive. I'm not sure exactly how he could use this skill to his advantage on Big Brother, but there's got to be some sort of comp where it will come in handy.

He'll Eat a Fly, NBD

Mmm, protein.

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